The Stove Network Curatorial Team Roles and Responsibilities

The Stove Network defines itself an ‘artist-led organisation’, the Curatorial Team is a central part in the realisation of this artist-led ideal. The Curatorial Team is the Collective Artistic Director for The Stove Network. Within the Curatorial Team is someone taking the role of Orchestrator for The Stove Network. In keeping with Stove values of working collectively, the role of Orchestrator is about facilitation and creative working across The Stove Network; the Orchestrator does NOT manage the Curatorial Team – rather the Orchestrator is the means by which the Curatorial Team can collectively direct The Stove Network artistically. The Orchestrator is one of the key ways in which the working of The Stove Network is made transparent and inclusive for members, other stakeholders and the general public.

The artistic direction of the Curatorial team is implemented by the Operations Team via the Orchestrator. It does not lead by being directly responsible for every single thing within The Stove Network – rather it leads by example: inspiring and supporting creative process in everything The Stove Network does.

 Areas The Stove Network’s Curatorial Team is directly responsible for:

 Artistic Policy and Programme

  • Defining The Stove Network artistic policy and programme in both long term and short term
  • Strategic level brief for individual projects and programming

Fundraising/Income Strategy and Direction

  • Working with the Operations Team to understand and monitor individual project budgets and accounts
  • Matching artistic policy to financial requirements and contributing expertise to fundraising applications and securing other income streams


  • Conducting a collective process of decision-making over priorities and the responsibilities of individual Curatorial Members
  • Defining and categorising individual projects into ‘Core’, ‘Fully Devolved’ and ‘Partially Devolved’*
  • Overseeing/managing projects according to the category remits of Core, Fully Devolved and partially Devolved
  • Facilitate an initial ‘Creative Direction’ session for each project to determine overall feel of project and help shape it with the overall programming and marketing/communications strategy


  • Applying expertise and experience in the field of artist selection and commissioning for The Stove Network Projects
  • Advising on budgets and artist/contractors fees

New Work

  • Scoping opportunities on behalf of The Stove Network and advising on developing these


  • Advising on opportunities for members
  • Guardianship of The Stove Network values of collective working, inclusion and opportunities with regard to our members


  • Advising on the application of The Stove Network principles of procurement and contracting in all projects (see our approach to commissioning and contracting)
  • Proposing remuneration level for the Curatorial Team in collaboration with Operations Team (all final remuneration decisions rest with the Board)
  • Approving Staff remuneration deals as proposed by Operations Team prior to submission to Board for final approval.

Organisation Marketing and Communications

  • Communicating actions of the Curatorial Team with The Stove Network members and Board
  • Directing creative approach to marketing on behalf of The Stove Network (organisation not individual projects). This creative approach will likely result in a fully devolved project delivery for individual pieces of work/projects. Curatorial Team to have final approval on projects marketing prior to completion (e.g. prior to final print sign-off)

Commitment of CT Members:

  • Attending one 3hr Curatorial Team Meeting every fortnight in Dumfries
  • Some electronic/phone/face-to-face follow-up to regular Curatorial Team meetings
  • Commitment to lead at least one project per year and being part of the team on at least one other (projects are paid separately to specific Curatorial Team activity)
  • Advocacy and attending partnership events, conferences etc. on behalf of The Stove Network
  • Following the Communication Guidelines for Curatorial Team Members

Curatorial Team Remuneration

Curatorial Team members are paid a Stipend* for this specific role within The Stove Network. Currently this is calculated on day rate for a commitment equivalent to 2 days per month averaged over a year. The remuneration rate for the Curatorial Team Stipend is set by the Board and available for scrutiny according to the rules for charities laid down by the Office of Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR). The Curatorial Team Stipend will be reviewed on yearly basis.

All other work undertaken for The Stove Network by members of the Curatorial Team is on a ‘project basis’ and remuneration is set according to individual project budgets, following procurement/contracts policy and set in association with the Operations Team.

*with the exception of the Orchestrator – who is paid a salary by The Stove Network and part of the job description is to be a member of the Curatorial Team

Membership and Period of Service

  • Membership of CT to be minimum of 3 people and maximum 7 people.
  • Any Stove member can apply to join the CT at any time – applications will be assessed by CT who will then make a recommendation to the Board re acceptance/refusal of application. Applicants will be notified of the result of their application immediately after next board meeting (as long as they apply at least three weeks before next board meeting – if not then decision by following board meeting)
  • The CT can advertise for new members and also co-opt new members. In the case of co-option this must be put out to the full membership for any objections. If objections are received the Board will decide how to proceed on a case-by-case basis.
  • A new CT member will join initially on a 4 month trial basis – after this period the CT will make a recommendation to the Board about the member being offered a full CT contract or not. The final decision about full membership will rest with the Board.
  • Full CT members* will serve for a maximum period of 3 years. Should a member wish to serve beyond 3 years then this proposal will be put to a members’ ballot at the AGM (only people who have been members for a full calendar year will have a vote in a ballot on CT membership). In the event that a member wishes to leave before the end of the 3 year period a notice period will be agreed with other CT members and put to the Board for agreement.

* The current Curatorial Team propose April 2015 as a ‘year zero’ for CT membership. However they recognise the risk to The Stove Network should a large proportion of Curatorial Team members have the same leaving date which would leave the Curatorial Team vulnerable with a large proportion on inexperienced members. For this reason the current members of the Curatorial Team have agreed to stagger their leaving of the team within the maximum allotted 3 years.