A Young Stove Commission – Activating a Public Space

By June 2, 2015News

A Young Stove Commission*

  1. Activating a Public Spacestove-agm-parking-spaces-86


This is an opportunity for a young artist or team of young artists to undertake a commission to come up with an idea for an art event that people can join in with and deliver your event as part of the Nithraid event in Dock Park

Nithraid is an annual public event developed by The Stove Network – now in its third year. For background information on the Nithraid – see here.


The Commission

The commissioned artist will think up an exciting artwork event that people can participate in. The event is taking place in Dock Park and will also include bands playing in the bandstand and a tent village of stalls. Your event will be something that people can get hands on and creative with – something that adds a special unique twist to Nithraid and makes them feel part of the day and part of their town.

You will be working with the guidance of Tabitha Mudaliar – Tabi is the Event Manager for Nithraid and will help you fit your idea into the overall activity of the event

You will also have assistance from one of the Stove artists who will help you shape your initial ideas and advise on materials, processes etc.

You will need to be ready to start immediately and the work will need to be ready for the Nithraid event on 2st August 2015

The fee you will be paid for the commission is £500 – this fee to include all materials etc that you need to deliver your artwork



  1. A letter telling us something about why you would like to do this work and how you think it would help you further your own art practice
  2. 3 images of your past work
  3. 3 images (from anywhere and anyone) that you find inspiring in thinking about this project

Submissions either on paper or electronically (email Katie@thestove.org) to reach The Stove by 5pm 12th June


*people eligible to apply for this commission – are those who have previously attended Young Stove meetings and/or participated in Young Stove events.