Activities at Nithraid

By August 10, 2019Events, News, Projects

Nithraid is fast approaching and we are excited to have a wide range of activities and workshops suitable for all ages at the Nithraid Village this year! Here’s what you can get involved in on Saturday 31st August:

Blueprint100 – Magical Procession Workshop

Join Blueprint100 straight from their procession to carry on the fun and wonder in an array of magical activity. Taste some salty popcorn, make your own moon inspired bath-bomb and salty scrubs, learn some enchanted spells and take part in your very own ritual, before leaving with a protective gift.


Battlestations: Games Bus & Virtual Reality Nith Experience

Battlestations LTD will be showcasing some of the newest games that the market has to offer on board their battle trailer. These games are suitable for a variety of ages. They will also be providing a virtual reality experience of the boat race, made especially for Nithraid, so that visitors to the Nith Village can experience the race from land!


Upcycled World: Super Shiny Spinners

Play and get creative with everyday household rubbish and make your very own Super Shiny Spinner to take home. There’s pens, broken jewellery, bottle tops and DVDs to bring the magic. After practising your spinning moves, enter The Arena for a Spinning Match. Be inspired, have fun and become a champion eco-warrior.
Suitable for all ages, that’s you too Mum & Dad, Nan & Papa!


Nithlight: Chladni Plate Demonstration
As part of Nithraid Nighttime, we have a specially commissioned light installation coming to the Mill Green called ‘Nithlight’. Throughout the day, the Nithlight Team will have a Chaldni Plate demonstration at the Nithraid Village; watch as vibrations create Celtic patterns through salt and sound. They will also be hosting a paint pouring workshop, where you can create expressive art in fluid motion.

Creative Futures: Fashion & Festival Fun
In the run up to Creative Futures and partners Fashion Fusion Festival in September, they are inviting the community to join in at their stall at Nithraid to create large funky festival decorations and fashion outfits inspired by cultures and traditions from around the world. There will be recycled materials, paint and wooden shapes to make your own decorations and outfits. There is also the chance to hear about their exciting summer competition Next Top Role Model, and how you can vote for your role model.
Dumfries Hunters American Football Team
The Dumfries Hunters American Football Team will be at this year’s Nithraid, giving demonstrations of the sport and offering a chance for you to find out more. Since 2014, they have been developing the sport of American football in Dumfries & Galloway. In that time, they have introduced the sport in Primary and Secondary School and developed an Adult program that is highly competitive and has made their Divisions playoffs the last two years!


Freelance Ranger: Experimental Tent
Would you like to be cool? Would you like to be an archaeologist? Well, Freelance Ranger Elizabeth Tindal is bringing her Ice Archaeology to Nithraid this year. It will make you a very cool archaeologist. You will need some patience and possibly some salt to chip and melt all the recycled items out without damaging them. Why throw things away when you can embed them in a big block of ice!