Artists & Community Landowners Commission Opportunities

Artists and Community Landowners telling the stories of Scotland’s land in the hands of local people. 

Luchd-ealain agus Luchd-seilbh Fearann Coimhearsnachdag innse mu fhearainn Alba ann an làmhan na coimhearsnachd 



Sealladh Aithghearr 

The Stove is looking for artists to work with Community Land Scotland and local Community Trusts, Abriachan Forest Trust near Inverness and Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn on the Isle of Lewis, through a project Artists and Community Landowners. The project will bring artists and community landowners together through three separate commission opportunities for artists to work collaboratively with these communities over a period of four months finding creative and active ways to hear, learn and share their stories. What inspired them to act, how did they get to where they are now, what challenges and surprises they faced along the way and the effect it has had on their place, people and environment.

Artists and Community Landowners aims to raise awareness of community landownership both to communities and to Scotland by taking new approaches to telling the stories of post purchase community landowners, and the wider story of community ownership across Scotland through three Artists Commissions: two directly with community landowners and one with Community Land Scotland through a “Stories of Radical Landownership” commission that will focus on the journeys of another four communities. Together Artists and Community Landowners will explore the themes of how we manage our local environments, who decides, and how we can collectively act. 

Tha The Stove a’ sireadh luchd-ealain gus obrachadh còmhla ri Fearann Coimhearsnachd na h-Alba agus urrasan coimhearsnachd ionadail, Urras Choille Obar Itheachain faisg air Inbhir Nis agus Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn air Eilean Leòdhais, tro phròiseict air a bheil ‘Luchd-ealain agus Luchd-seilbh Fearann Coimhearsnachd’. Tha am pròiseact ag amas air luchd-ealain agus luchd-seilbh a thoirt còmhla tro trì dhiofar chothroman coimiseanaidh a mhaireas ceithir mìosan, a’ lorg dhòighean chruthachail agus bheòthail air na sgeulachdan aca ionnsachadh agus a thoirt gu aire an t-sluaigh.

Luchd-ealain agus Luchd-seilbh Fearann Coimhearsnachd seo airson aire a thogail mu shealbhadaireachd fearann coimhearsnachd, an dà chuid do choimhearsnachdan agus do dh’Alba, le bhith a’ coimhead air dòighean ùra sgeulachdan nan luchd-seilbh innse, a’ toirt a-steach Alba air fad cuideachd. Thèid seo a dhèanamh tro trì dhiofar choimiseanan luchd-ealain:  dhà le luchd-seilbh fearann coimhearsnachd agus aon le Fearann Coimhearsnachd na h-Alba tro choimisean ‘Sgeulachdan mu Shealbhadaireachd Radaigeach air Fearann Coimhearsnachd’ a bheir sùil air na slighean a ghabh ceithir coimhearsnachdan eile. Còmhla, coimheadaidh ‘Luchd-ealain agus Luchd-seilbh Fearann Coimhearsnachd’ air mar a bhios sinn a’ stiùireadh ar n-àrainneachd ionadail, cò bhios a’ tighinn gu co-dhùnaidhean agus mar a dh’obraicheas sinn uile còmhla.  


Download Artists and Community Landowners brief here.

Download “Stories of Radical Landownership” brief here.

Download Info on Criteria and Working here.

Download Partners and Participants Info here.


‘Aig Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn tha Gàidhlig gu mòr aig cridhe ar n-obair. Às aonais choimhearsnachd cha bhiodh cànan ann agus tha e na phrìomhachas dhuinn Gàidhlig a bhrosnachadh agus a leasachadh ann an iomadach diofar seadh, mar dhìleab a tha ceangailte ri gach prìomhachas agus a bhios faicsinneach agus follaiseach anns gach rud a nì sinn sa choimhearsnachd.’ 

 Shona Nic a’ Mhaoilein, Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn 

At Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn, Gaelic is very much at the heart of what we do. Without community there is no language and it is a priority of ours to encourage and develop the use of Gaelic in many different settings as a fully visible legacy tied to every strategic outcome and every aspect of our community work.’ 

– Shona Macmillan, Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn 


The Stove Network  

The Stove is an arts and community organisation based in the centre of Dumfries in South West Scotland. It is a successful social enterprise, and the first artist-led Development Trust in Scotland, providing regular employment for 25 people with a turnover of £500 000+1. Our kitchen-table style of practice and developing work is one based on the values of risk-taking, collaboration, emotional openness, empowerment, positive disruptive change, innovation and inclusion. We are committed to finding locally-led solutions as part of our place and community.  

Our practice is one that engages artists and creative people to co-develop work from regular conversational activity into large-scale strategic projects. It is a process-led practice that uses creative activity to facilitate community-led development, projects and decision-making grown from a foundation in community engagement. It is a multi-disciplinary practice working with artists and other creative practitioners, individuals and groups, organisational partners, third sector organisations, local authorities and governing bodies to deliver a program of regular activity alongside large-scale participatory arts projects. 


Community Land Scotland 

Community Land Scotland is the representative body for Scotland’s aspiring and post-purchase community landowners. They promote the sustainable development benefits of community landownership and work with communities to support and encourage community ownership of land and buildings throughout Scotland.  

Their VISION is of more communities reaping the benefits of community landownership and promoting a socially just Scotland through community landownership. Together their members are own some 560,000 acres of land, home to some 25,000 people.