Bringing Proposals to The Stove Network

The door of The Stove Network is always open to ideas and proposals from our members and our wider community. If you have an idea that you think you could undertake with The Stove Network please bring it to the Curatorial Team through the Orchestrator ( The Curatorial Team will assess all proposals according to:

  • the overall artistic vision of The Stove Network
  • existing project commitments
  • organisational capacity
  • detailed consideration of current curatorial/programming aims.

Two of The Stove Network Values are:

  • To be open and inclusive, offering hands-on opportunities for participation in creative activity.
  • To be transparent and collaborative in the way we work – bringing integrity to everything we do.

Our Core statement states that The Stove Network is an artist collective that:

  • Uses the arts to engage the people of Dumfries in the future of their town
  • Supports the creative arts sector across Dumfries and Galloway through provision of a social and meeting space, education/training and opportunities to work together on collaborative arts projects.

Please consider the following guidelines before submitting a proposal – contact with any questions about the guidelines

The Stove Network will deliver an ambitious, contemporary and original programme of arts projects and events in public spaces in Dumfries and provide opportunities for creative practitioners to help shape the future of their town and embark on a culture-led regeneration, inspiring a growing confidence and momentum in the town and the wider Region.

The Stove Network is an organisation based on creative partnerships. As such, the majority of work that is shown or performed in the Stove building will have been created through partnership working with The Stove Network or curated by The Stove Network as part of the mission to engage the people of Dumfries in the future of their town.

The Stove Network curates public art projects and is based in a building called ‘The Stove’. The Stove building is not a public exhibition space. However – we are also open to unsolicited proposals for The Stove building – we will support these if a) they do not clash with existing or proposed Stove projects b) the proposal comes from a Stove member (see the Membership page) and c) the work proposed meets the following selection criteria:

  • involves the wider community
  • addresses issues of engagement, participation, environment, sustainability, community
  • contributes to the overall vision and programming of The Stove
  • contributes to the running costs of The Stove.

Proposals for exhibitions and events in or related to The Stove Network should include:

  • A written statement of how the proposal addresses all or any of these issues
  • Supporting material (images, film, sound, references)

Proposals will be discussed and decided by The Stove Networks Curatorial Team, and all successful projects will work with one or more of the Curatorial Team to realise the project.