Previous Curatorial Team Members

Jordan Chisholm – Curatorial Team Member

To make art, I believe we must at first listen. My practice, both wilfully interdisciplinary and entirely undisciplined, stems from both an interest in care and a performance art background. It recruits from community engagement, having conversations, performing, collaboration with other humans and inanimate objects, movement and listening. My creative practice is deeply rooted in having conversations – I believee human connection is a vital contribution to the well-being of our individual self.

I love Dumfries. It saddens me that not everyone feels the same about the place I call home. I have made it my artistic mission to do something about this. Committed to community arts practice and particularly interested in the therapeutic role of creativity; my ongoing work resides in community development. I am determined that if we all take a little more time to care for each other and the place in which we live, we will begin to feel much more connected to each other, contributing to better mental health.

Claire Bell – Curatorial Team Member

My practice is grounded in drawing and mark making. These are the tools I use to explore the overlooked patterns which surround us in everyday life. Observing very carefully, I work hard to retain the innate qualities of my source. I then develop instinctively, playing with the visual information I’ve gathered, to uncover the hidden meanings and patterns within. Equally, I value this as a space to simply find joy in the process of making.
This holds an important space for me to explore the creative thought processes which underpin other parts of my creative practice… This includes a continually expanding range of projects and fascinations; textile innovation, learning new crafts, facilitation skills, writing creatively and working collaboratively.
My hope for the year ahead as part of the Blueprint100 team is to open up other spaces which enable creative growth for fellow emerging practitioners. Together, I hope we can further enrich our creative community and discover how to sustain a creative practice, career and life in whatever form that takes for us as individuals.

Blossom Mccuaig – Curatorial Team Member

I am a visual artist from Dumfries. Last year I graduated from Lancaster university with a degree in literature and philosophy. When I began studying, I intended to eventually undertake a masters in political science. At some point, however, I realised that I enjoyed and understood the concepts I was learning much more when I illustrated them. Drawing became my way to analyse, deconstruct, adapt and respond to narratives about the human experience. In this way, said narratives have inspired and informed most of what I create now. I am always working to elevate my skills and refine my technique, whether that be in my small scale graphite drawings and oil paintings or in my large scale murals. Although I lack a formal arts education, teaching myself methods of figurative/portraiture composition has proved rewarding so far. The human form has always been my favourite vehicle of expression and -in advancing my skills- I hope to be able to communicate through it more accurately. This is what I will be working on for 2019.

Kyna Hodges – Curatorial Team Member

I investigate versions of reality, through an exploration of our relationship with materials, technology and each other. My projects share an intertwining theme; the intent to explore novel ways of forging new and more hopeful narratives for a more humane and sustainable future. This usually consists of three elements: photography, sculpture and connection/collaboration, either combined into one project or addressed separately.

More specifically I work with one of the oldest photographic processes called wet plate collodion, there are many reasons I am interested in this process; Slow and physical in its creation, each image is unique. It shows the movement of chemicals across a metal plate, and the environment it was taken in. imperfect and lasting it is the antithesis of the ‘selfie’ and consumerist culture. It inspires thoughts of the old, death and mysteries.

Katharine Wheeler – Blueprint100 Mentor

As a member of The Stove Curatorial Team Katharine leads for their regional and international partnership development and mentors the youth arm blueprint100. I am a visual artist with a practice that spans from studio-based painting and drawing to public and socially-engaged work and collaboration.  I aim to be relevant, inclusive and inspirational.  This with a strongly observational based practice, a love of the human figure and a growing interest in the value of creativity in societal change.

My studio work has been largely an exploration in observational process and technique using oils and mixed media, fast mark-making alongside more considered compositions. I am constantly growing my understanding of creative process – the ability to take a collection of things, or ideas, jumble them up and make something unexpected with them, to try to see in different ways.

In my approach and thoughts on creative practice I find a fight between “studio” and “community”, “individual” and “public”, Katharine Wheeler the visual artist/painter and Katharine Wheeler the creative thinker, facilitator and instigator.  I have discovered creative process – to explore without predefined outcomes – is part of what an artist can bring into a more socially engaged setting. I find huge inspiration from working with people with endlessly differing perspectives, knowledge and interests.

Michael Moore – Curatorial Team Member 2016 – 2019

Emily Cooper – Curatorial Team Member 2016 – 2019

Jenna Macrory – Curatorial Team Member 2018

Liam Templeton – Curatorial Team Member 2018 – 2019

Alix Adair – Curatorial Team Member 2017