The Curatorial Team at The Stove Network 

The Curatorial Team (CT) is a group of creative practitioners who, together, provide the artistic direction for The Stove Network. The CT is represented on the Stove Management Team* by the Orchestrator, the Orchestrator is also a full member of the CT. 

The CT comprises a maximum of 7 people – members are selected following an open call out for applications. Each member of the CT receives a basic CT Stipend (currently equivalent to 2.5 days per calendar month)** – this supports members to attend regular CT meetings and fulfil follow-up/admin tasks for the CT. Typically new members spend a period of time acclimatising themselves to the working culture and activities of The Stove before beginning to get involved in specific projects and/or regular operational activity. As The Stove has developed certain key roles *** have emerged, these have been undertaken by CT members (currently these are: Programming, Conversing Building Curator, CT Coordinator,) these roles are paid through separate contracts with The Stove. At any one time, there can be a maximum of 2 ‘CT Residents’ on the Curatorial Team – these are contracts of maximum 2 years for people to contribute to the curatorial direction of The Stove and gain experience for a time limited period. The CT Residents programme demonstrates a commitment within The Stove to providing opportunity for the creative sector in Dumfries and Galloway. The Stove Board, Management Team and CT undertake to ensure that the need for effective running of the organisation is balanced with the need to keep a freshness and rotation to CT membership by making opportunities for new members to join whenever funds and operational factors allow. 

Additionally, CT members often initiate particular projects and take a lead role in these. Such work is funded separately through individual project budgets. Some Stove projects are led by practitioners who are not CT members, however every Stove project will have a CT member assigned to it either as Project Lead or as ‘CT Liaison’. 

With the exception of CT Resident posts, there is no formal minimum or maximum length of time that CT members serve on the group.  


*The Stove Management Team comprises Orchestrator, Operations Manager and Projects Manager. The Management Team reports directly to Stove Board. 
**The Orchestrator is a full-time post and part of their job description is to attend CT meetings and all other CT activities. 
*** we anticipate these will always change to suit the particular direction of The Stove, which itself adapts to context and the practice of those involved at any particular time