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Drawing for Enjoyment Workshop returns

Following on from the success of the first Drawing for Enjoyment events late last year and the café exhibition, artist Frank Hayes brings another set of drawing workshops back to the Stove Network for a 8-week block.


Frank commented, “The aim of the workshop is to encourage and support anyone who is looking to get more creative and learn new ways of approaching art, whatever their skill level.” Each week, participants were shown different techniques as well as being shown how to work with different materials and resources.


Each week, Frank explained and taught a different skill, such as blind contour and observational techniques, abstract art, still life, encouraging everyone that there are no mistakes in art, only discoveries.


Drawing for Enjoyment will once again return to The Stove for an 8-week block starting on Thursday 16th March from 5-7pm. The workshop is open to anyone above the age of 16, and a small contribution of £4 will be required, which will go towards materials and resources. For any more information, contact the blueprint100 team at [email protected], to find out more about enjoying drawing in a fantastic and creative atmosphere. Whether you are an artist or would like to try something new, Drawing for Enjoyment is a great way to spend an evening to relax.


2 replies on “Drawing for Enjoyment Workshop returns”

This sounds great fun! I can’t make it tonight but wondered if I could join in for the next 5 weeks please?

Hello Irene,
Thanks for getting in touch, there is no need to pre-book for these sessions, just turn up and Frank will squeeze you in! However if you have any other questions please contact Frank Hayes who is leading these workshops directly:
Please note that this weeks workshop (Thursday 23rd) will be held at the Usual Place, as the Stove is full! But it will be back in the Stove cafe as usual from next week.
Best Wishes

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