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Conversing Building: Civic Currency

January 9 @ 9:00 am January 20 @ 3:00 pm

An interactive exhibition, showcasing redesigned coin faces, envisions the future of Dumfries. Inspired by the UK government’s commitment of £20 million for the revitalisation of the town centre, we pose the question:
Where should these funds be allocated?

Utilize the provided coins to cast your vote on the desired investment areas, ranging from safe spaces to cycling initiatives.

What is your vision for the future of Dumfries Town Centre?

Unleash your creativity by sketching your own face on the supplied sheets. Consider what is most crucial for the town and express your opinion on where the investment should be directed.

Available to view during regular Cafe opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Safe Spaces

Spaces are often designed with a single perspective in mind. Whether a space is accessible, navigable, or comfortable depends on individual identity. Safe spaces are crucial for fostering communities, friendships, and confidence.

From pubs to public squares, prioritising ‘safe spaces’ supports people in being themselves. With investment, these spaces become vital for town regeneration, ensuring inclusion and accessibility are integrated into new plans and enterprises.

New Homes

Investing in new homes within a struggling town centre holds the potential to spark a multifaceted revival, addressing not only the prevailing wealth disparity between generations but also breathing new life into the town’s cultural, economic, and tourism dimensions.

Green Spaces

Whilst regularly accessing wilderness or countryside may not be easy for everyone, our villages, towns and cities boast a wealth of greenspace. 
These spaces are a vital piece of local infrastructure, providing benefits for physical and mental wellbeing, creating space for biodiversity and nature in our communities and often acting as key social spaces for communities to meet, relax and play.


Strategic investment in our local heritage, spanning architecture to tourism, can deliver substantial economic benefits, positioning Dumfries
as a pivotal town in both Scottish and British history. Through initiatives such as guided tours, conservation efforts, museums, and the seamless integration of history into public art and spaces, emphasising the town’s rich historical tapestry can generate enduring economic returns for future generations.

The River

Living alongside our nearest river has posed complex challenges for our town centre, spanning from contentious flood defence schemes to ecological campaigns assessing the river’s future. Investing in
sustainable, locally-led solutions may foster a new relationship with the Nith. Whether through innovative design or ecologically sound solutions, the river could emerge as a pivotal element in shaping the town’s future.


Dumfries is ripe for increased investment in cycling infrastructure, from cycle paths to rent-a-bikes. Supporting homegrown initiatives that boost awareness, develop new plans, and implement improved cycling designs can usher in a fresh and prosperous identity for the town.

100 High Street
Dumfries, DG1 2BJ United Kingdom
01387 252435
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Access Information: Level Access in rear of building through adjacent close to left-hand side of the Cafe (facing the front of the building). To ensure your experience with us is as best as it can be, please do let us know if you have any specific access requirements and we’d be happy to help. Please email Kevin or Sal on: [email protected] or phone 01387 252435 and speak with one of our team. We are able to provide walk-throughs of the building before attending our events as well as assign seating before your arrival.

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