Norwegian Memories

By September 9, 2016News

April 1940: From one day to the next, Norwegians abroad were unable to go home or get in touch with any one in Norway.  Their country was occupied and the borders were closed. No information could pass through. They came to Britain and many of them ended up in Dumfries. At one point, 20% of the population here were Norwegian. The Stove is currently looking into this unique chapter in the History of Dumfries and are looking for help. Did your grandfather or maybe your dad tell you wartime stories of Dumfries? Did your grandma go dancing with a tall and handsome Norwegian soldier? Or should you happen to know of someone who is the son or daughter of a Norwegian from this time? If you have memories or stories, a box full of old photos or maybe another artifact from Dumfries during the wartimes, we would be very happy to hear from you! Give Kirsten a ring on 07583548048 or send her an email:



  • Harald walseth says:

    My dad was a norwegian soldier and married my mother who was from dumfries.
    I have many wartime stories and would love to talk to you

  • Matt Baker says:

    Hi Harald – thanks you for getting in touch. Please could you send an email to KIrsten Bertelsen ( she would love to talk to you and will be able to contact you directly. Kirsten is currently in Norway with our project team (untli 3rd October), but she will be picking up email while she is there. Very best wishes, Matt