Join Us – Curatorial Team opportunity

Opportunity to join The Stove Curatorial Team

Deadline – Monday 6th May 5pm

(open to any creative discipline)


We’re looking for a new member to join The Stove Network’s Curatorial Team, based at 100 High Street, in Dumfries. The Stove is a creatively-led organisation using art projects to build connections and opportunities within communities.

“We use arts and creativity to encourage, to gather, educate and bring life back to our town centre. We see the arts as not something solely for an “arts audience” but as a vital contribution to society on all fronts.”

At the core of The Stove is a commitment to long-term, community-driven, meaningful and sustainable work as an arts-led community development trust. Imbedding creative practice within the life of the town, and its residents, is key to the development of our organisation, and our town.

The Curatorial Team (CT) is a group of creative practitioners who, together, provide the artistic direction for The Stove. This is currently a team of five who work closely with other teams, management/operations, projects, café, blueprint100 (emerging creatives under 30), to keep creative thinking at the core of our activity and program.

What The Stove do:

  1. Run premises at 100 High Street, Dumfries as a fully accessible public arts space/facility/resource for the population of the town and the wider region
  2. Support a network that creates opportunities and connections for the creative community and integrates with our local economy and wider society
  3. Work with artists, young people, local people and groups to make public art events and activities in Dumfries
  4. Build national and international connections for the arts in South West Scotland The opportunity This is an opportunity to join a challenging and innovative creative team and be part of a growing and dynamic organisation.

The Opportunity

This is an opportunity to join a challenging and innovative creative team and be part of a growing and dynamic organisation.

There are currently five members of the team bringing varied experience and talents to act as the collective “artistic director” of The Stove. One of our team is leaving in June 2019 opening an opportunity for a new voice on the CT. We are interested in applications from people with a strong creative practice to join our collective. We are open to any discipline and area of interest but are keen to explore and expand our work in film and food.

This is a 2year opportunity, with a review after 3 months, to contribute your expertise to the collaborative effort to lead and develop The Stove’s work, projects and direction.

Current Curatorial Team outline biographies, contacts, details:

NB the current team have used the opportunity of being part of the CT to build a portfolio of freelance project work and regular roles at The Stove. This is possible, but not assumed for any new member.      more here on CT Remit:

Experience & Commitment

We are looking for:

  • Someone with a strong creative practice
  • At least 5years professional creative experience
  • The ability to work openly and with respect as part of a team
  • The ability to work alone and with responsibility
  • Experience of managing projects, events, budgets and other people
  • Experience in collaborative and/or community projects
  • The ability and willingness to work outside set hours
  • Commitment to art practice within a public context
  • Commitment to localised decision-making and sustainable, grassroots, long-term project work
  • Commitment to working in Dumfries
  • Attendance at weekly Programming meetings on a Thursday morning
  • Attendance at Monthly Curatorial Meetings on a Monday morning
  • Willingness to give active support at engagement events across our program


This will run on a yearly contract (open to renewal) at 2.5 days per calendar month at £312.50 (£125 day rate), including VAT, travel and communication costs. Additionally, working as part of the CT gives the opportunity to work on Stove Network projects – these are funded separately.

To apply

Read the FULL Job Description here: JOB Description 2019

If you feel that you would like to talk to someone in the CT before making an application please contact Katharine –

To apply please supply:

  • A covering letter (no more than one side of an A4) detailing why you would like to become a member of the Curatorial Team and what you feel you would offer
  • An indication of your availability – when would you be able to start
  • A full CV (no more than 3 pages) including links to previous work
  • Full contact details
  • Indication that you are available for interview on the 21st & 22nd of May – Please be aware that this is a condition of application

Please send your application by email to: before 6th May at 5pm