Midsteeple Quarter – a Public Survey

By December 23, 2016Projects


UPDATE: SURVEY CLOSED ON FRIDAY 13th JANUARY – 803 people completed it

Our project partners University of the West of Scotland (UWS) have now started an online survey about Midsteeple Quarter to allow more people to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the project and to sign up to be part of our growing band of folk supporting Midsteeple Quarter as a community initiative.
Please do share the survey with your pals and fill it in yourselves to register your own thoughts about the types of housing etc that you’d like to see in the town centre:

  • Link to the survey is here
  • Link to Facebook Post about the survey is here

In the first 4 days of the survey being live more than 700 people have taken part – when you add the new ‘sign-ups’ from this group to the new folk who have signed the Dumfries Pledge in The Stove this last two weeks…then this support group for Midsteeple Quarter will have grown to well in excess of 400 folk!! Lets do this….


The Dumfries Pledge in The Stove Cafe with people’s ideas for the High Street and Midsteeple Quarter display