Graham Hogg of Lateral North and 'Design a Flag for Dumfries'


The Scottish Scenic Routes Project was on display in The Stove building



  • Matt Frew says:

    Very interesting project here. It appears from this project and others in your site that you have projects/content, which appear successful enough/well received. However your core/long-term goal demands these small/large ‘cultural earthquakes’ could do with:

    1. Critical review that reverse engineers off the markets you seek to target
    2. Profile of markets tastes, expectations and points of engagement
    3. Align 1/2 with projects – that ‘cultural earthquakes’ to me
    4. Underpin 3 with a series tremors – that’s experiential to micro-digital campaigns and track the metrics
    5. Accelerate positive engagement via ongoing campaign – or ‘aftershocks’ that capitalise on product ranges that tap 1/2

    In essence cycle of – engage, exite, educate to create evangelists THAT produces a pull factor into the town and hence helps use such vibrancy to transform, regenerate and sustain the town. Sounds simple but not really of course

    Yours Dr Matt Frew

  • Matt Baker says:

    Thanks Matt – and for the very interesting meeting yesterday. The Stove is committed to communication and inclusion and the digital processes you are describing could be a very important part of growing the popular momentum towards a future Dumfries. Cheers, Matt

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