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Cultural Wayfinding – Our Norwegian Story

Cultural Wayfinding: Our Norwegian Story

About Cultural Wayfinding

Around the time of the Second World War 20% of Dumfries’ population was Norwegian. In the years since links between the town and Norway have been many and diverse – from football to Royal visits. The Stove’s Norge Hus event in November 2015 attracted people from across all ages – both residents and visitors to our town, keen to have their stories heard as well as a number of residents who had no previous knowledge of this part of Dumfries’ unique cultural history. Following input from Norges Hus and further research, we are now working towards a series of events that will celebrate and share this part of our story to create a new Cultural Trail through our town. We believe that Dumfries’ connection with Norway has the potential to be another major attraction to the town and wider region.

For more information on this project to date – see here

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