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Environmental Art Festival Scotland – August 2015

Environmental Art Festival Scotland

About Environmental Art Festival Scotland

Environmental Art Festival Scotland is a biennial platform for the community of interest around Environmental Art* in Scotland. It is based in Dumfries and Galloway and co-produced by The Stove Network in collaboration with Wide-Open and many and diverse other partners including environmental agencies and landowners. The 2015 festival consisted of an 8 month experiment on co-creation amongst a group of artists and creative thinkers – this process resulted in the an temporary off-grid community based in the wild landscape around the ruins of Morton Castle over the last weekend of August. EAFS 2015 included over thirty artists (both local and international) actively making work in the landscape around the festival ‘village’. Following specially made maps people were invited to venture into the landscape to encounter the artists and the land. Also art actions, guided walks and hosted conversations took place around the village where people lived without money eating food brought by visitors and cooked on a 90ft communal barbeque. Each evening people gathered around 5 different campfires to take part in themed conversations hosted by artists and thinkers. More info:

* A positive uncertainty over the definition of ‘ environmental art’ is at the heart of EAFS. Environmental encompasses everything from ‘green issues’ to an understanding of art as something that cannot be understood as distinct from its context (‘the context is half the work’ Artists Placement Group)

Environmental Art Festival Scotland Highlight

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