Robin McAlpine @ The Stove. Thursday 5th November

Robin McAlpine of Common Weal is coming to speak at The Stove at 6pm on Thursday 5th November. Robin is one of the most exciting voices in contemporary Scottish politics with his vision of a re-imagined society built on sharing and cooperation rather than conflict. Common Weal is a non-party-political movement that works towards an ‘All of Us First’ society in contrast to the current ‘me first’ ideology.

Robin is at The Stove as part of the Norway House project  and he will be focusing his talk on the Nordic countries and the what we can learn from the way their societies work.

This video is from an event called ‘Imagine a Better Scotland held as part of the Referendum campaign, but is about a vision for Scotland, rather than making the case for either side of the Referendum debate

This event is free, but likely to be very popular so please arrive on time to ensure your seat.