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Sound Performance Opportunity

Would you like to participate in a SOUND PERFORMANCE on
October the 9th between 1pm and 3pm in the High Street of Dumfries?

As part of the event ‘Making Common Cause’ (in association with 2019: A Year of Conversation and Voluntary Arts Scotland) The Stove will contribute a live art performance. This project will be led by sound artist Helmut Lemke, who will run a series of workshops to introduce the concept and to rehearse the performance.

Everybody is welcome to participate. No previous experience, special knowledge or equipment is required.
If you want to be part of the performance, or if you are curious please get in touch with Helmut on for more details and date of the first workshop.

Helmut performs with the Artist group ‘Heinrich Mucken’ a walking/sound performance (Frankfurt 1987)

Making Common Cause is an event through the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 9th October. After the live art performance led by Helmut Lemke there will be a public guided walk around Dumfries in the company of cultural activists from Scotland and Ireland, inspired by ‘Making Common Cause’, a collection of essays exploring the commons, published by Voluntary Arts. Topics raised will include the rights to take part in culture, community, food, language, knowledge and nature. The guided walk will lead to The Stove where the evening will continue with refreshments and a discussion inspired by the walk and led by poet Tom Pow.

Helmut Lemke
Since Helmut started his journey into the world of sound – more than 40 years ago – he investigated sounds that are around us – some are obvious, some are familiar, some have to be found… and he has performed and exhibited process based work responding to his investigations.
His endeavour has taken him to concert halls and outdoor markets, to Galleries and Museums and to the frozen seas off Greenland, to Function Rooms of Pubs and to International Festivals.
He has presented his work all over the globe, collaborating with other Sound Artists and Musicians, with Dancers and Scientists, Visual Artists and Architects, Poets and Archaeologists, Performance Artists and Wildlife Rangers.
Helmut has recently moved to Dumfries & Galloway – he continues to listen here……