Stove Member and Community Survey

Hello there!

We at The Stove have been focusing on what it means to be a “network” and how we can have a deeper conversation with ALL our members as well as our community. With this in mind we hope to learn more about our membership, what it means to be a member of The Stove Network and what we mean to the wider community so that we can continue to consider better ways of working together.

How do you see yourself in relation to The Stove? What would you like to get out of being a member? What would you like to contribute to the network now and in the future? What can we do better?This knowledge will add to the information that we gather through our work and contribute to making more informed decisions for the future of The Stove, Dumfries and the wider region. By completing this survey you will be helping us to ensure The Stove stays relevant for its community and membership.

You can choose to remain anonymous, or enter our draw to win one of three £75 prizes. If you do enter the draw, one member of staff will collate the responses and will still anonymise the results for consideration by the rest of the team.


Take part in the Survey here