The Curatorial Team is at the heart of The Stove Network’s artist-led and collective vision. It is, in effect, the ‘collective artistic director’ of The Stove. The Curatorial Team (CT) is convened by an Orchestrator (also a member of the CT) who leads the Operations Team in delivering the artistic vision of the CT. Within the Curatorial Team is someone taking the role of Orchestrator for The Stove Network. In keeping with Stove values of working collectively, the role of Orchestrator is about facilitation and creative working across The Stove Network; the Orchestrator does NOT manage the Curatorial Team – rather the Orchestrator is the means by which the Curatorial Team can collectively direct The Stove Network artistically.

Current Curatorial Team:

Katharine Wheeler As a visual artist what underpins my practice is a love of the observational process, an exploration between the developmental work and that of a finished composition. My work diversifies widely from portraiture, expressive drawing, artistic collaborations, partnerships and work in arts development. I have a keen interest in the ability of the creative process to build connections with the wider community, to speak across disciplines, awareness and preconceptions and bring us to a point of focus: Focus on a moment, on an issue, on ourselves and the social environment that surrounds us.


Katie Anderson I have been evolving a creative practice as an artist that reflects, responds and shares with the communities and places where I am based. Dumfries and Galloway is a place in a period of change and creative energy, and I am interested in working collaboratively within this. My work is driven by people, places, materials and collaborative practice, sitting somewhere between installation, sculpture and a more public art.


Sal Cuddihy I have worked in hospitality in Dumfries since I was 14 years old, and through this became involved in local festivals including Nithraid, Big Burns Supper, Environmental Arts Festival and Sanctuary. My roles have been in production and Front of House management, so I’m proof that you don’t need to be an artist to get involved in the arts industry. I hope that during my time at the Stove I can link different groups and communities with events that will create jobs for people in Dumfries whether it be as an artist or as someone who makes it all happen. The Light Room was my first project that I led in the Stove; this involved a combination of different workshops addressing prejudice, hate speech, mental health awareness and wellbeing. This led to discussions and links between the groups involved to create a modal that tackles prejudice and how to overcome it’s effects.



Martin O’Neill Upon graduating from Queen Margaret University in Theatre Directing I have worked as an actor, director, writer and artistic collaborator with the National Theatre of Scotland, the Traverse theatre and various theatre and dance companies in Scotland. I am founder and artistic director of an arts collective entitled Dead Happy. Since returning to Dumfries I have focused my energies on songwriting, drawing strength from my work as a writer and director to draw intricate stories, inspired by the people, places and poets of Dumfries & Galloway. I have performed as a spoken word poet and currently am seeking to bring these various disciplines together. I seek not to celebrate the accepted values but to challenge them with a vital energy and a ground of joy.


Matt Baker – Orchestrator I refer to myself as a public artist – the motivation for my work is to have an effect in the place for which it is made. Typically, projects develop over a sustained period of time, working collaboratively within communities and often involving other artists (musicians, film-makers, etc.) and research expertise (archaeologists, climate scientists, shipbuilders, etc.). I have been the City Artist for Inverness, Lead Artist for the Regeneration of the Gorbals and Resident Artist with the Govan Riverside Community. Too many years ago I became an artist in order to change the world – I don’t see any reason to deviate now.


Past Curatorial Team members:

Linda Mallett 2012-2016

Colin Tennant 2011-2015

Will Levi Marshall 2011-2015

Belle Doyle 2013-2014

Mark MacClachlan 2011-2012