Writing ‘Place’ with Alex Smith


We have another extra event as a part of STORY on Saturday 12th: 2-4pm

Writing ‘Place’ with Alex Smith – FREE

What does it mean to ‘know’ a place?  And how do we inhabit places – figuratively and physically – through story?  Places that hold power for us include our homes but also our communities, our hometowns and the nations to which we feel we belong.  This workshop will explore the relationship between storytelling and place making.  We will write about places we know and love – a favourite chair, a room or a scenic spot that evokes a special memory.  Indeed, if story is ‘a storing-place of memories,’ as John Coetzee wrote in his 1986 novel Foe, how do we use narrative to locate ourselves and understand our place in the world?

Alex Smith is an academic sociologist who studies democracy, religion, memory and war.  His research has been featured on Newsnight Scotland, BBC Radio 4 and National Public Radio in the USA.  He is a graduate of the prestigious Warwick Writing Programme and lives in Dumfries.