Dumfries Fountain Project

Dumfries Fountain Project


On the 5th of December 1882, Provost Lennox unveiled the fountain which stands on Dumfries High Street. It was made by the Sun Foundry, Glasgow by George Smith and Co. and commemorates the supply of public drinking water to the town from nearby Lochrutton. The fountain is an important part of the social history of Dumfries, as the introduction of fresh water marked a turning point for following the devastating cholera epidemics of 1832 and 1848.

Who is Involved?

The Fountain Restoration Group came together in 2017 with a vision to restore this iconic town centre structure. Led by the community and supported by members from Dumfries Partnership Action Group (DPAG) and The Stove Network working in partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Council, the group have established a plan to fully restore the fountain and upgrade the water treatment and pumping system. This will ensure that the fountain remains a ‘jewel in the crown‘ to be enjoyed by the Dumfries community and visitors alike for the next 100 years. As part of the Stove team, Kirsten Scott who has led the development of this project, is our Creative Engagement Lead.

What’s Happening Next?

Phase One of the restoration process took place in 2021 with support through the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Capital Fund, and enlisted the expertise of an award-winning industrial heritage conservation company to oversee the restoration. Additionally, the Holywood Trust supported a community engagement project to take place alongside the initial investigations and tendering process, led by The Stove Network.

Initial inspections of the Dumfries Fountain revealed that the wrought iron fixings that hold the various parts of the fountain together have corroded resulting in the need for a full restoration and additionally, a completely new water pumping and filtration system is required to meet current regulations to return the fountain to fully working condition.

Phase Two of the project is currently underway, with restoration works led by Industrial Heritage Consulting Limited and undertaken by Wigan-based Lost Art. Additional community engagement activities will take place throughout the second phase of the project, building on previous work with local schools and young people enabling first-hand experience of this historic restoration process.

Phase One Engagement Programme

Phase One of the restoration process took place in 2021, and included an extensive community engagement programme led by The Stove Network, offering exciting opportunities to young people and the wider community to take part in a summer programme of events, centred around the history of the fountain, the restoration process and its future as part of a regenerated and reinvigorated town centre. The project worked with local artists and historians to deliver a wide variety of workshops, walks, talks and activities.

As part of the engagement programme, public artist Alex Allan was commissioned to research and develop an artwork to accompany the restoration work, designed in response to Dumfries’ water story and working with the participants and outcomes of some of our workshops and activities. Alex worked with several schools groups, and the designs-in-progress were shared as part of a public exhibition however the designs were not taken forward to the second phase of the project.

With support from the Holywood Trust, the project commissioned two emerging artists, filmmaker Patrick Rooney and musician/composer Jenna Macrory to create a short film and original soundtrack composition following the events of the first phase of the project. Watch the short film below!

Dumfries Fountain Restoration Project: Phase One Short Film

This film investigates the history of the fountain and the first phase of plans for its restoration and preservation. Directed and Edited by Patrick Rooney, Dear Friend FIlms 2021.


Mostly Ghostly: The Story of the Dumfries Fountain

We’re delighted to share a short film created by our filmmaker Patrick Rooney featuring the talented Mostly Ghostly team sharing the story of our fountain’s history!

Click here for the history of Dumfries Fountain

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