Support Us

Support Us

Unleash the Power of Creativity in Southwest Scotland

Who We Are

The Stove Network is an an award-winning arts charity based in Southwest Scotland. We use creativity to connect people, inspire community-led projects, and celebrate local culture. 

We are a membership-based organisation with 600+ members. Our members care about a wide range of issues, including culture, arts, heritage, community activism, regeneration, and the environment. 

We believe art, community and creativity help us understand our world and empowers people to make the positive changes necessary for a fairer future.

We have already achieved positive changes through our projects and by lending us your support you can help us to achieve even more for Southwest Scotland.

How You Can Help

As an arts charity, The Stove Network depends on the generosity of supporters, funders, and partners to sustain our operations. Any support you can give will make a difference in revitalising communities through creative placemaking.

Here are several ways you can contribute and help us continue our vital work:

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