When Attending a Stove Event

We strive to make sure that all in attendance to a Stove event have a safe and enjoyable experience. When booked to attend a Stove event, the following should be adhered to:

  • Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID19, have been instructed to isolate or are waiting for test results.
  • Book your ticket via the Eventbrite link.
  • Please let us know of any cancellations.

OPEN HOOSE – Nith Life

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Part of our Open Hoose Programme and inspired by conservation initiatives across the country, a new group wants to question and explore what exactly a Conservation Trust for the River Nith might look like. A new group for those passionate about protecting one of our most extraordinary natural assets. The Stove Cafe will be open […]

OPEN HOOSE – Queer Club

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Queer Club meets twice a month to explore possibilities together through event planning, t-shirt printing, zine-making, storytelling and music. Celebrate, educate, inspire and provoke.

OPEN HOOSE – Free Improvisation

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Free improvisation is a bold and interactive approach to composition and collaboration. It’s the craft of exploring instrumental forces to create dynamic sound worlds. Make your own rules! No songs, no standards, no structure. Get together with fellow musicians, collaborate and let your instincts take control in this immersive, experimental and pioneering musical form. Held […]

Brave New Words

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

All good things…must come to an end.  Join us for the final edition of SW Scotland’s legendary open mic night on its seventh anniversary. Featuring old friends, live performances and our extraordinary open mic night.  Over several years Brave New Words has platformed some of the most inspiring writers, artists, performers, makers and musicians Dumfries […]


The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

You’re invited to join a friendly and welcoming community in the Doongamers group, with live gaming meet-ups taking place at The Stove. Digimon is about creatures which inhabit a “Digital World”, a parallel universe that originated from Earth’s various communication networks. Starter deck provided for new players £5 entrance fee, provides 1 booster pack from […]


DOONGAMERS – Magic The Gathering

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Magic: the Gathering is a collectable trading card game dating back to 1993. Players use their decks, containing lands, spells, and creatures, to battle against their opponent using a variety of tactics and strategies until one player emerges victorious. Magic comes in many formats, each with its own list of cards that are allowed to […]

Open Hoose – WRITE!

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Welcome to our second WRITE! event, where you’ll be encouraged to let your imagination guide your hand and WRITE! In each session we’ll chat about a writing-related topic, then provide prompts and a theme, and the opportunity to write based on the inspiration. It might be a character sketch, or a piece of description or […]


The Ewart Library Catherine St,, Dumfries

Ever wondered what stories are hidden within Dumfries and Galloway? Do you want to be the one to unearth and retell the tales of your place? In October, Creative Spaces will host events and workshops tailored to the art of storytelling and local history. Delve into the histories and tales of Dumfries and Galloway in […]

Reel to Real + The Stove Cafe Present: Four Seasons in a Day

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

A Verdeke | 2021 | 75 mins | English In the North-East of the isle of Ireland, the border between the Republic of Ireland and the UK runs in the middle of a beautiful glacial fjord, the Carlingford Lough. The Carlingford Ferry crosses the Carlingford Lough on a daily basis, bringing people from one side […]

The DWSS – Dumfries Women’s Signwriting Squad – Meet Up

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

The DWSS – Dumfries Women’s Signwriting Squad – Meet Up returns for October, a monthly space for those with an interest in hand painted lettering, ran and facilitated by members of the DWSS. Whether you have never picked up a brush before or are a seasoned veteran of the art, join us for a coffee, […]