When Attending a Stove Event

We strive to make sure that all in attendance to a Stove event have a safe and enjoyable experience. When booked to attend a Stove event, the following should be adhered to:

  • Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID19, have been instructed to isolate or are waiting for test results.
  • Book your ticket via the Eventbrite link.
  • Please let us know of any cancellations.

Signwriting Squad Meet-up

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

The DWSS – Dumfries Women’s Signwriting Squad – Meet Up returns for July, a monthly space for those with an interest in hand painted lettering, ran and facilitated by members […]

Cafe Cuts

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Get your groove on! Featuring a mix of Deep House and space-age rhythms, DJs take to the Stove Cafe decks for a lo-fi afternoon of tunes. Where the weekend begins. It's Friday, it's the end of the week, and the sun...might be shining (it's Scotland after all). Join us for a lo-fi evening of eclectic […]

Nithraid 2022


The River Race is Back Nithraid River Race is back for another year. On Saturday 13 August 2022, teams of intrepid sailors and coastal rowers are invited to take to […]

Doongamers Presents: Digimon

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

You’re invited to join a friendly and welcoming community in the Doongamers group, with live gaming meet-ups taking place at The Stove. Digimon is about creatures which inhabit a “Digital World”, a parallel universe that originated from Earth’s various communication networks. Starter deck provided for new players £5 entrance fee, provides 1 booster pack from […]

Doughlicious – The Bread Club with a Twist

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

For amateur bakers and bread enthusiasts alike. Doughlicious is a bread club with a twist. Share recipes and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere and get practical with some hands-on activity. Open to all! The levian will be provided, but you’ll need to bring some tools from home. These are: A mixing bowl, a cloth or […]

Climate Kitchen – Session Eight

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Is climate change on your mind? Do you feel like you want to do something about it, but you’re not sure what? The Climate Kitchen, run by local community members, […]

Open Hoose – Our River Nith

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Part of our Open Hoose Programme and inspired by conservation initiatives across the country, a new group wants to question and explore what exactly a Conservation Trust for the River […]

OPEN HOOSE – Queer Club

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Queer Club meets twice a month to explore possibilities together through event planning, t-shirt printing, zine-making, storytelling and music. Celebrate, educate, inspire and provoke. Enjoy hot and cold drinks and […]

OPEN HOOSE – Free Improvisation

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

Free improvisation is a bold and interactive approach to composition and collaboration. It’s the craft of exploring instrumental forces to create dynamic sound worlds. Make your own rules! No songs, […]

Creative Spaces – The Freelancers 411

The Stove Cafe 100 High Street, Dumfries

•Do you not have a scooby on how to find freelance work?•Does invoicing make you want to cry?•Have you ever wondered how on earth to do a tax return? In […]