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A value just as easily defined in generosity, diplomacy, and sensitivity, open-heartedness sits at the core of the value systems in addressing ideas for the future. We believe a community is defined simply by the collective care for one another, in that; generosity and empathy are defined by actions as simple as a telephone call to mass activism, to the volunteers committed to supporting the most vulnerable on our doorstep. 

This value, within the Home Grown project, seeks to interpret through creative actions the role of open-heartedness not only currently amidst the national lockdown but its role in the future values of our society, from the grass-roots, reacquainting itself with the emotional sphere of society, for so long undermined in the modern political landscape. 


Daniel Gillespie

Writer and poet based in Dumfries. For his homegrown micro commission, Daniel has written a series of poems in response to the theme open-heartedness exploring his experiences during the COVID 19 outbreak. Daniel has poems published locally and nationally, alongside sharing the work of other poets in his D&G Poetry publication and is a regular performer at Brave New Words.

Select any of the images below and open in a new tab to read at a larger size:

Homegrown Artist Talk by Daniel Gillespie

Alex Maxwell

Alex is an indie folk singer songwriter from Dumfries and for his commission as part of homegrown has written and recorded from home a new song entitled Take It Easy, inspired by our theme Open Heartedness.

You can listen to a demo of this, available below, or read the lyrics (click to enlarge):

Homegrown Artist Talk by Alex Maxwell

Jenna Macrory

Musician and emerging artist Jenna Macrory, is currently based between Dumfries and Newcastle where she is studying Folk and Traditional Music at Newcastle University. For her micro commission, Jenna has created a series of text-based animations exploring our four key themes as part of homegrown.

Philip Palios

Writer Philip Palios returned to Dumfries just before the lockdown was announced, and has been involved in several literary projects in the town including performances at Brave New Words, and working with We Agree On Eggs to create an anthology of new writing. For his homegrown commission, Philip has written a series of short stories, So Much Heart: Seven Stories. You can listen to them as recorded by him via the video links below, or download to read as a pdf here: 








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