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High Street Multiverse

In this place, whole worlds of stories and sorrows, memories and hopes as vivid and colourful as your own exist within each passer-by.

From dreaming streets hidden in the undergrowth, to a labyrinth of reflections lost in the spiral of time. A multiverse, an ever-growing web of realities sprawl and spin from the smallest encounter. New futures are written and re-written all at once, each stemming from the consequences of actions so subtle, they are barely felt. But the ripple of each our choices resonates beyond now…and alters the realities we all share.

High Street Multiverse is a digital, public art project run by the Stove Network, supported by Dumfries & Galloway Unlimited. Working with 5 emerging writers from the region, this unique initiative supported them to craft five individual audio stories, placed within the town centre of Dumfries, through a specially designed series of QR code sculptures, these immersive and imaginative works are the conclusion of 4 months of mentorship, workshops and creative sessions delivered in late 2021.

Step into the multiverse…who knows what lies on the other side…

Download the High Street Multiverse Publication

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