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PRESENCE is a set of cards to be used as ‘A divining tool for journeys through the restless territories and blurred boundaries of art in the social or public realm.’ The cards are a creative tool to explore and reveal aspects of a project or practice and to provoke discussion and exploration. PRESENCE, is the outcome of an art commission by Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman that emerged from Art_Inbetween.

PRESENCE is a research led response to some of the questions that arose during the Art_Inbetween Summit held at The Stove Network earlier in 2016. The summit attempted to describe the distinctiveness of an evolving ‘rural’ contemporary arts practice with an emphasis on social/participatory/public art across the UK and our starting point was to try and understand this distinctiveness.

More about the project available here 

More about Art_Inbetween available here

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