About Blueprint100

Blueprint100 is an open and inviting group who provide creative experiences and opportunities for young people. By offering a diverse programme of workshops, events, and public arts projects in partnership with established artists, we aim to build a vibrant community which is both inclusive and inspiring. Our vision is to empower emerging professionals across the arts.

Blueprint100 Is Changing

Blueprint100 is changing and the project has entered a period of consultation and development to shape it for 2021. Over the next few months, we’re taking some time to reflect on blueprint100. How can we grow and evolve the learning opportunities The Stove Network offers for young creative people, and by doing so, empower those and other young people to start professional careers within the arts?

Blueprint100 Membership

We are changing this so that there is only one sign-up as a Stove member but that you can join the blueprint100 program that offers extra opportunities and information for under 30’s.

Online Rooms

Community Artist and blueprint100 member, Kirsty Turpie has written about her experience of running Open Studio & creating Online Rooms during the Covid-19 Lockdown.