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Inbetween: Dumfries

Inbetween: Dumfries

Inbetween – Celebrating Dumfries in all her Multiforms

Inberween: Dumfries Poster

A week-long series of events and happenings that celebrated Dumfries in all her multiforms and offered the town the chance to roll its collective sleeves up, exercise its many tongues and take part in the on-going rammie over the future of Dumfropolis.

Titled Inbetween: Dumfries, the programme was a partnership with the University of Newcastle’s public art research group Intersections and was the final leg of a journey that had already seen debates and seminars exploring the application of art in the pursuit of market town regeneration.

Inbetween: Dumfries was all about involving local people in Dumfries in a conversation about the town. We began by asking what people though was important about Dumfries and were interested to know how they would like to see it in the future.

To do this, we invited 6 artists (a street artist, a composer, a sculptor, a clothes designer, a landscape architect and a film-maker) to spend 3 months in Dumfries working with local people to come up with an artwork that they could show in the town over one week in November.

The important thing was that the ideas all related to ideas about Dumfries and involved local people in the way they were made. The week of ‘Inbetween: Dumfries’ included a concert, a fashion show, paste-up street art in the closes, a two day conference (with people attending from all around the UK), a meal for 100 people and the unique chance to Nithscope (look at the bottom of the river through a upside down periscope).

Everything was free an open to all to attend – people who had worked with the artists brought their families and friends and the conversation about a positive future for Dumfries got a little bigger.

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Inbetween: Dumfries Highlights

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