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Mr Bill Drummond on Film in Dumfries

An EXCLUSIVE from our friends over at The Commonty:

Last week we posted a wee film by John Wallace about his attempts to discover what Bill Drummond said in Dumfries when he performed his lecture ‘Why Andy Warhol is Shite’ at Greyfriars Church on November 8th as part of The Stove’s Inbetween:Dumfries event. Bill Drummond is notoriously camera shy (as John found out) – but today The Commonty received an anonymous package containing film footage of Bill Drummond apparently on the Auld Brig in Dumfries…..there is no explanation with the footage and we can only assume that either Bill was practicing for his performance, or that this was one of his legendary acts of contrariness to give a filmed interview to a stranger (or even one of the things a previous audience had voted that he should do?)

Either which way, we are truly grateful to our anonymous film-maker and present for your pleasure – exclusive footage of Mr Bill Drummond telling us why he believes Andy Warhol is Shite:

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What Did Bill Drummond Say in Dumfries?

World renowned contemporary artist Bill Drummond was in Dumfries last week where he presented a performance lecture called ‘Why Andy Warhol is Shite’. Eaglesfield film maker John Wallace was there that evening, but was ejected from the venue on Mr Drummond’s insistence that his work not be recorded in any way. 

Here is Wallace’s film about his attempts to discover what truths Bill Drummond was bestowing upon Doonhamers last Thursday night:

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TONIGHT – Art Music + Art Fashion!!!


The much anticipated launch of Lisa Gallacher‘s bespoke garment collection ‘TRDM:Dumfries.
The World Premiere of Suzanne Parry John’s song-cycle ‘Tidemarks’

  Lisa Gallacher has been working for 4 months with a group of 10 voluntees from the community of Dumfries – members of the group range in age from 15 to 86 years old. The work started with conversations about each persons individual relationship to the town and this then grew into an idea for a 10 bespoke garments. Lisa has designed and printed the fabrics, then designed and made all of the work herself. At tonight‘s event she will give an illustrated talk about the project and her group will be in attendance wearing the garments they have created together.

Suzanne Parry John is a young contemporary composer based in Edinburgh. Commissioned by The Stove to produce an original piece of music for Inbetween:Dumfries, Suzy turned to the River Nith as a starting point and happened upon the poems of Hugh McMillan. She made contact with the poet and the pair have worked together on this original song-cycle inspired by the Nith and called Tidemarks.

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Andy Wightman is in Town

We at The Stove are feeling a bit like all our Christmasses have come at once – so many of our favourite people are in town….today sees the arrival of Andy Wightman!

Many of you will know Andy as ‘Scotland’s foremost land rights campaigner’ – but he is so much more that than – a genuine polymath Mr Wightman is one of most inspirational speakers on the subject of how everyone can change the world by getting involved in the places that are important to them.

Most recently Andy Wightman showed up in Anthony Baxter’s documentary about Donald Trump’s controversial golf course in Aberdeen – ‘You’ve Been Trumped’

Andy will be speaking on the ‘Political Geography of Scotland’s Commons’ on Friday at The Stove.

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Inbetween:Dumfries on TV

Here is the item broadcast on Border TV’s LookAround programme on Monday 5th November:

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Inbetween:Dumfries is GO…today is the start of Nith Scoping

Nith Scoping has begun TODAY…..get yourself down to the Nith and encounter the river as you never have before:

You can find Nith Scoping on the Whitesands (opposite the bottom of Bank St)

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