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Midsteeple Quarter Community Benefit Launch

Midsteeple Quarter Community Benefit Launch

In April 2018, the Community Benefit Society for the Midsteeple Quarter was officially launched, alongside the first outing of the Doon Toon Army in a day of fun, music and solidarity in support of a new beginning for Dumfries Town Centre!

Members of the public were invited to the Plainstanes to sign up for the Midsteeple Quarter Community Society, purchase Midsteeple Quarter merchandise and watch the live events which took place over the afternoon which included music, speeches and entertainment from street performers.

“It was a really great day for the Project and an amazing start to gathering people and pushing forward. There seems to be a real fighting spirit to change the High Street, clean it up and make it a more rewarding place for all. It made us all proud to see so many people come together and say, ‘We can fix this!”

Kevin Reid, Creative Producer for the Midsteeple Quarter Project

Nearly 150 members of the public signed up to the Midsteeple Quarter Community Benefit Society on the launch day, which was a great result. Members have a say in owning and directing this very special project for the future of the town. Members can be part of shaping the plan for a town, spread the word, support local business and make your voice heard!

Find out more about the Midsteeple Quarter, and how to sign up as a member via their website here

The community of Dumfries were also invited to listen to speeches from local politicians Joan McAlpine MSP, Colin Smyth MSP and Dumfries Provost, Tracey Little, in which they discussed their support for the Project and the important role it plays in bringing life back to Dumfries Town Centre.

The Midsteeple Quarter idea is built on five years of research and consultation carried out by the local community. The majority of the responses highlighted the need to bring more people to live back in the town centre. This will create more life during the evenings, make greater demand for services and shops and bring a greater variety and richness to the place.

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