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There are so many reasons to start a podcast. Their popularity, convenience and affordability over the last decade have brought new conversations, ideas and businesses to life. But how do you get started, and how do you stand apart from the crowd?

Workshop: Podcasting with Halina Rifai

In this introductory workshop Halina Rifai will guide you through how to set up your own podcast, using free and inexpensive means to create engaging and high quality content to capture the hearts and minds of listeners across the world, from Troqueer to Timbuktu.

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Host Information

Halina Rifai 

Since 2009, Halina Rifai has run music site and podcast, Podcart. She has also been a PR & Marketing manager within the industry and she currently leads this role at Scottish Women Inventing Music. She also works as a podcast producer and has produced various series including A Sonic Hug (mental health), Glasgow Short Film Festival, Barclay’s and Word Up! (The Big Light network) for BBC Radio Scotland & BBC Sounds.

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