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Caerlaverock: A Centre for Creative Learning

Caerlaverock: A Centre of Creative Learning

What is creative learning?

Creative Caerlaverock is a ‘creative learning’ project, working to realise a framework for learning across arts, heritage and sciences. Initially launched in 2019 with a steering group composed of local artists and researchers, the project is now in the prototyping stage of applying a framework for creative learning.

Creative Learning can inspire, challenge and influence how we respond to the world in reflective and imaginative ways. It encompasses both formal and informal settings for engagement and can empower people through creative and collaborative experiences to develop skills, increase confidence and wellbeing and enrich their lives.

  • The Creativity Skills that Creative Learning can contribute to have been identified as:
    • Curiosity
    • Open-Mindedness
    • Imagination
    • Problem Solving
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