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Heritage Remixed

Heritage Remixed

With a focus on employability, skills development and collaboration, young people are at the very heart of Creative Caerlaverock. Heritage Remixed is a steering group of four young entrepreneurs growing careers in communications, journalism, heritage and creative industries.

Each ‘Remixer’ will embark on a creative journey exploring themes as diverse as climate and ecology, to gender and business. Instructing, developing and leading creative and enterprising interpretations for the region’s historic locations, Heritage Remixed is led by, with for and about the voices of our younger generations, ensuring both relevancy and legacy are part of the fabric of the heritage sector locally.

Ruaridh Thin Smith

Ruarí is a strong communications professional with an academic background spanning journalism, PR, and Nordic culture. He has worked as a communications assistant in the Scottish Parliament, an associate in PR for a community development company, and as a customer relations manager in a large UK corporation.

His work is suited well to projects dealing with alternative economic and social systems and favours de-growth as a theme.

Ruarí has a style which is informed by his love of the countryside, flowers and herb lore, and folk stories.

Morgan Love

With a deep connection to our local region, the importance of identity and belonging is something that has resonated with me as I have emerged into the creative industries sector.

I am currently working with the Creative Spaces program through the Stove Network as an associate artist while taking a sabbatical from studying Business and Marketing at Edinburgh University.

Through Creative Caerlaverock, I hope to have the opportunity to nurture my interest in the significance of heritage, engage with communities which are new to me, and develop my own sense of creativity.

Liam Russell

My name is Liam Russell and I am a creative living and working in Dumfries and Galloway.

Primarily I am a Musician, having performed across the UK and Europe over the past 10 years, but I also love to take on projects producing and composing music for others. These have ranged from producing music for emerging artists to composing for TV advertisements and everything in between.

As well as creating and performing music, I work with young people as part of the Arts Festival in Dumfries and Galloway, helping young people to showcase their work across the region and beyond, and providing opportunities for them to create careers in the creative industries.

Katie Bartlett

I am a trained mediaeval historian up to Masters level. My studies in history, as well as the experience of returning home to Dumfries as an adult, has left me with a keen sense of the importance of belonging and place, and a passion for connecting people with their history.

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