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Members Profile: Melissa Gunn

Following on from Tea with Moxie, our  herald, she has become interested in the many different kinds of members in The Stove Network. She’s been catching up with and speaking to various members, and we’ll be introducing one every Friday over the next wee while. You can get in touch with Moxie on The Stove Herald facebook page here or by email.

This week is the turn of Melissa Gunn!

Melissa is a full-time Business Lecturer, part-time radio presenter and all-round promoter of local music. She has lived in Dumfries all of her life and presents the Thursday Night Showcase on community radio station Alive 107.3, a show which is entirely dedicated to promoting Dumfries & Galloway musicians and gigs. She also runs Small Town Sounds, a small project which uses local music to raise money for local charities. Melissa also did a radio show as part of last weekends Radio DMC.

What drew you to the Stove?

I love the whole concept of The Stove because it has the potential to bring together such a wide range of art ‘genres’. I am hugely passionate about local music and was pleased to see that The Stove classified music as an ‘art’. I wanted to be a part of The Stove to try to raise the profile of our local music scene.

Share your hope and dreams for The Stove?

I hope it will be all inclusive, and help put Dumfries & Galloway on the map when it comes to creativity.

Which film changed your life?

The Crow – I was totally obsessed by it as a teenager.

 What keeps you in and around Dumfries?

My job, my hobbies, my friends, my family, the fresh air and the beautiful scenery.

What makes you feel alive?

Listening to amazing music with fantastic company and great conversation. And Berocca.


Where were you when you saw your favourite sunset?

Eden Festival.

What’s your dream for the arts in D&G?

I want it to be more accessible, and for there to be something that appeals to everyone.

What’s your favourite piece/event that you’ve produced?

I co-organised the Small Town Sounds CD launch (as well as the making of the CD) back in October 2013. Small Town Sounds is a charity CD which features local musicians and every penny made goes to local charities. To date it has raised around £1700.

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