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Opportunity: Nithraid Project Support Role

Nithraid River Festival is usually an annual event celebrating the town of Dumfries’s relationship with the River Nith. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have decided to have an extended celebration of the Nith across our online platforms.  
Our aim is to engage with the public and create a platform resource for learning, sharing and creating.  
This is an exciting opportunity for a young person to get involved directly with the event and festival delivery team to help make the festival more accessible to a younger audience. This year we will journey down the River Nith, from its source near New Cumnock to the Rivers end at Carsethorn, engaging with different towns, villages and communities along the way with a 3-month program of activities, artworks, literature, music, information sharing and story telling.  
We will deliver this programme across our social media platforms and develop the Nithraid website as a community resource with plans for collaborating with other organisations as well as online workshops, artworks and challenges with a focus on the River Nith as a connector and the wildlife that exists in and around the River. Nithraid Festival will commence on 1st of July and run to the end of September.
We are looking for the Project Support role to focus on engaging younger audiences and to contribute to the program of activity by targeting & collaborating with local youth groups. They will work closely (virtually), and be supported by the Festival Manager, Festival Marketing & Social Media Officer and festival Graphic Designer to get the widest range of experience in learning and skills development.  
Ideally applicants will have some previous marketing, social media and/or community engagement experience, be comfortable using computers and social media platforms and be aged 16 to 30. 
This post will commence on the 22nd June and finish on Wednesday 7th of October and will consist of a total of 24 Days or 1.5 days per week.  
We would like to make sure that our recruitment process is as open as possible, so if you’d like to discuss any accessibility requirements, or have questions about the opportunity in general, please get in touch with Sal Cuddihy via or phone 07497 406511 (Mon-Fri 10-4pm). 
We are mindful that this role is to be appointed during the Covid 19 pandemic. At all times throughout the duration of the work, the Stove will be following and adhering to all of the official Scottish Government Guidance in relation to Social distancing measures, safeguarding of individuals & groups and safe work practices. 
The total fee for this role is £1,800 (24 Days at £75 per day). 
To Apply:  
Please send an email to with a maximum file size of 10MB with the following: 

  • A statement of no more than 500 words outlining how you would approach this commission. 
  • A current CV 
  • Up to 2 examples of past work that you feel supports your application  

The deadline for receiving submissions is 10pm on Sunday 14th June.   
Interviews for the commissions will be held virtually on Wednesday 17th June. By applying you are deemed to be making yourself available for interview on this date.  
 We will always send an email acknowledging receipt of any applications. If you do not receive an email, please contact us again  by email.  

We are grateful for the support from the Hollywood Trust in funding this role. 


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Blueprint100 Looking Forward April – September 2020

Over the next few months, we’re taking some time to reflect on blueprint100. How can we grow and evolve the learning opportunities The Stove Network offers for young creative people, and by doing so, empower those and other young people to start professional careers within the arts?

It’s been 5 years since blueprint100 initiated itself as a coveted opportunity for young creative people through a self-led approach to professional development and active working experience within The Stove Network.

This is an approach to learning and professional development aimed at supporting young people across varied stages in their work and helping to build bridges both in and out of more formal structures and other types of work and experience.

As The Stove and blueprint100 have grown and changed rapidly over the past few years we feel it is a good time to take a deeper look at blueprint100 and the learning opportunities it provides as part of The Stove team.

Through a period of consultation and reflection we will evaluate and reshape our blueprint100 framework to ensure it meets the needs of our region’s young creatives giving them the right balance of support and freedom to develop.

For this reason we want to let you know that we will not be recruiting for another blueprint100 team this April 2020 but instead taking the space for this deeper consultation and evaluation. We will do this through a series of targeted workshops and one to one interviews with past blueprint100 curatorial team members, active participants and young creatives, creative groups and organisations and relative learning bodies and service providers.

The consultation will be lead by blueprint100 mentor Katharine Wheeler who will be supported by a young person within the blueprint age range (18-30).

Please stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

Musings Projects

Goodbye Jenna!

This month we say goodbye to Blueprint100 Curatorial Team Member Jenna Macrory as she ventures off to Newcastle to begin her degree in Traditional Music. She has written a few words discussing her experience of working at Blueprint100 and her journey through different projects. We wanted to say a huge thank you to Jenna for all her amazing work over the last 2 years – we will miss you!

Starting this role in November 2016 following on from my Nithraid internship, Blueprint provided a natural progression. After Nithraid, I knew that I wanted to work in the arts but was lost as to what my next step should be. Blueprint100 provided a paid role to work and develop projects but also to work and develop myself as an artist. Through Blueprint, I was able to host events, workshops and experiences for young people and give back to my town.

As a musician I was able to explore other job prospects in the music industry like event management and sound engineering. Being able to explore these other routes of working within the creative industry is essential for young people today as in schools the focus is pushed so heavily on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematic) based careers. This leaves a stigma that there are not viable career options within this sector, which is not true. It is absolutely essential that young people are made aware of this and also people that live in rural regions are able to access the arts.Prior to working for blueprint I didn’t see much in Dumfries. I saw an anchor to my creativity but now as someone that is about to go to university in a city I don’t want to leave. Part of the magic of Dumfries is that is an unfinished project and getting to play a part in the development of Dumfries has been incredible and I’m very grateful that I was able to play a part in that. Looking forward I’m really excited to come back to Dumfries and Galloway and see where this town is. Projects like Midsteeple Quarter and Rosefield Mills are set to revitalise parts of the town which I believe will change the dynamics of the town and set us on track for the future.