Distance, Proximity and Loss

Project by Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges

Distance, Proximity and Loss : The coronavirus pandemic is changing relationships and practices at the end of our lives affecting every aspect of the process of dying; how we support some ones passing, how we mark someone’s life, how we bury them and how we grieve.

The institutions that support the processes of end of life; undertakers, healthcare workers and spiritual leaders as well as families who have lost a loved one, have all been forced to adapt their practices to new safety rules and regulations. These new rules make an already difficult process even more intense and challenging. We intend to research what impact these new rules are having and creatively explore the possibilities for new practices and adaptations. We will be looking at possibilities for new ways of being with and caring for someone at the end of their life and exploring new ways of marking a persons death and supporting the grieving process.

Initially we will talk to professionals such as undertakers, ICU staff, palliative care workers, and spiritual leaders. We will also talk to individuals to examine people’s feelings about end of life, the impact of covid, how they may want their/their loved one’s death marked. We will respond with speculative practice making a space for open conversation and manifesting a series of creative performative actions that reflect and transform our findings into new rituals of passing. We aim to explore how creative processes can be used in rethinking responses to the challenges presented by the covid pandemic.

For information about Robbie & Jo, visit our Participants page.

Image taken at 3pm during Atlas Pandemica artists gathering Tuesday 15th September.