Project Bibliographer

Phil Palios

I want to help facilitate and strengthen the exchange of ideas among all of the artists contributing to Atlas Pandemica.  To do this, I will document and track the resources, whatever form they might take (text, photos, films, organic matter, etc), being considered by each artist and share them with other artists who might find them useful.  In addition, I will venture out and do my own research to support the artists’ projects, doing so in an individualised way that works best for each artist.  I also hope to take part and help document artists’ processes as their work progresses, again in a very individualised way.  It is my intention to be a helpful collaborator and researcher, not an unwanted intrusion – so I will put a lot of energy into finding what works best for everyone and adapting along the way.  As a writer and researcher who loves Dumfries, I also hope to be inspired as we go and come up with my own small contribution to the project.

For information about Phil, visit our Participants page.

Image taken at 3pm during Atlas Pandemica artists gathering Tuesday 15th September.