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LGBTQ Voices

LGBTQ Voices

Project by Jenna Macrory

My project is called LGBTQ Voices. It aims to engage the queer community by presenting the idea that hate speech can be viewed as the start of a dysfunctional conversation.

Members of the LGBTQ community are often engaged in unsolicited conversation in the form of abuse on the street, however, as part of this community you quickly learn to silence yourself for your own safety, but this doesn’t mean you have nothing to say.

LGBTQ Voices is a chance for the community to speak back and bring a wider public into a conversation about the experience of people who identify as LGBTQ in Dumfries and Galloway, particularly within the context of Lockdown and the Black Lives matter protests.

Following careful research and exploration inside of the community, I will compile and compose people’s responses in different forms that can be fed back to the wider heteronormative community to allow a glimpse into the experience of communities for whom discrimination is a day to day reality. Making and presenting this work within this rural region will be critical to the way it is experienced and understood.

For information about Jenna, visit our Participants page.

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