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The Geography of Power

The Geography of Power

Project by Emma Jayne Park

How do we organise information? Who gets to organise information? How does this impact decision-making? Who holds the knowledge? Do they hold the power? How do they share it? How do they relinquish it? Do they want to? Is reactive action leadership or recklessness? Do the values we aspire to align with our perception of leadership? Can leaders be vulnerable? Could you be trusted to lead someone who is vulnerable? Would you want to? Where would you lead them? Why should they trust you?

Atlas Pandemica: The Geography of Power invites locals to explain how Dumfries and Galloway works at this time of pandemic through a series of invitations and provocations: including postcards, letters, text messages, phone calls and the offer to walk with Emma as she tries to cross the region on foot – looking for locals to guide her. There is no agenda other than to learn from those who call the region home. Conversations will be collected, collated and reframed to form a series of sketches, maps and instructions that reflect the information that has been shared. These will be offered back to the residents of the region so that they can then decide if there is anything they would like to celebrate or question.

For information about Emma, visit our Participants page.

Image taken at 3pm during Atlas Pandemica artists gathering Tuesday 15th September.

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