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Nithraid Poetry 2017

Ridin through oor cobbled toon,
as foretold by song an rune.
Room in yer herd fer everybody,
artist, gardener, or warrior.
Yer milk tae nourish a' o' us,
high street neighbours or aff the bus.
A rogue shines bright as ye descend,
intae the tide while clowns attend.
Salty Coo above everyone,
mooin oor toon intae autumn.
Salty Coo astride yon Nith,
meltin oot o' Viking myth.

By Jimmy Russell.

As part of Nithraid 2015, we gathered a collection of Nithraid themed poems from our members and artists. Jimmy Russell, writer and part of the MooCoo Collective for this years Nithraid procession has contributed the first poem of 2017. If you would like to contribute one to our growing collection, please get in touch!

More about the MooCoo collective’s procession available here

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