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Poems to the Salty Coo

This trio of Nithraid poems are written by local poet Daniel Gillespie. More about Daniel’s work available online via his Facebook page here

Fare thee well
Yon Salty Coo.
Dripping wet 
And freezing noo.
Come young, come old,
Come see it too.
Behold the sight
Of the Salty Coo!
salty coo 2016
Nithraid 2017
Is happening on
The 9th September, we
Hope tae see you at the
River so please remember.
Adore oor famous Salty Coo
In this years procession, getting
Dunked in a Dumfries obsession.
salty coo 2016
Long live
The Salty Coo
And his everlasting 
Viking Moo!

As part of Nithraid 2015, we gathered a collection of Nithraid themed poems from our members and artists, and we have been carrying the tradition on this year. If you would like to contribute one to our growing collection, please get in touch!

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