A journey on the Nith beginning in the Carsphairn Hills and following its route through to the Solway Coast. With regular stops along the way to spotlight and celebrate the towns, villages and community activity that surrounds the Nith, we will be exploring, learning and sharing about Local Heritage, Folklore, Wildlife and Conservation, Community Groups, Landmarks and Art including any literature or songs that have been inspired by the Nith and its communities.

The Source to Sea Poem


The Nith cuts a swathe through Dumfries, the town of doors.
Like Every place settled for a thousand years echoes are everywhere.
The river’s seen it all, cannons, cameras, cholera. The Stake Ford,
the Pilgrim’s Way, the Auld Brig. Kings and body snatchers.
And the rumbustious dead are with us always, a metre below our feet,
a metre above our heads. When we walk down the Vennel
and the river glints ahead of us we are with all the ones who lived and loved here.
What is more exciting than a town full of idiot dreamers?
Christian Fergusson, paint us again with your greens and azures,
we can fill this canvas like the little jewel we have always been. Are…

By Hugh McMillan

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