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Ode to a Moody Cow

From Moxie de Paulitte

Nith Raid (65)

She can be a moody cow
This town of ours.
Swinging between
Udderly lovely and
Udderly unbearable
Just as her unmarked udders
Back and forth
Almost clanking
Like a long forgotten souvenir Swiss bell.
Heave with untapped potential.
Nostalgic for a time long gone,
That was never really there,
endless sunny days
And sweet pasture.
Of not having to lock front doors
And Tender Loving Care,
Where the milk of human kindness flowed abundant
And you knew the names of all your neighbours.

Moody she may be
But her mind is open
As she stands by the river
sniffing the air
And smiling at the head scent of a
On the

She welcomes the change,
This moody cow.
happy that her milk,
can nourish.
Her wisdom valued
Just filtered different.
No longer weighted down
By burdens of her own making.

The sun returns
Igniting hope
Flooding dark,
moody corners.
And she can flourish in its glow.
this Moody Cow
This town of ours.

A tide turned.
Goodbyes waved.
Missions accomplished.

Nithraid was concieved as a public artwork to activate the riverside in Dumfries in the summer of 2013, and bring new focus and people down to celebrate the Nith. Now in it’s third year Dumfries is preparing to welcome sailors up river to the heart of the town when Nithraid 2015 will sail into town on Sunday, 2nd of August. Nithraid is free and open to all to attend, and last year saw crowds of 4,000 lining the banks to watch the winning boats cross the finish line. Find out more about this years Nithraid here

The discussion is open, and we invite contributions to our artistic conversations – whether you have been involved in Nithraid in previous years, are interested in the changing face of public art and when a sailing race is also an artwork, please get in touch via the comments box below or to send your contribution please email [email protected]

Image: Nithraid 2013. Tom Telfer.

One reply on “Ode to a Moody Cow”

Oh shine the bovine altarpiece
Crank up sacrificial vows
Call out Marry,its her time for dee’in
Bolted, blacked out and bloodied
For now.

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