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Queer Club introduces the ‘Queer Wheel of Fortune’

Learn about the ‘Queer Wheel of Fortune’ and how it operates in the monthly Open Hoose LGBTQ+ activism group.

Image by Patrick Rooney

Queer Club is ran by, with, for and about the local LGBTQ+ community in Dumfries and Galloway. It is a safe, inclusive and friendly space that meets monthly with a whole range of fun activities to take part in, whether you are an advocate or ally, queer or questioning.

Queer Club was established as part of the Open Hoose in 2022 and within its first four months it had already set up and begun managing Dumfries Pride 2022.

Like the rainbow flag itself, Queer Club is a big ol’ clanjamfrie of activism, creativity and entertainment from Queeraoke competitions, powerpoint roulettes, banner making and skills-swaps. Each event is different from the last, and in a new development for the group the activity at each Queer Club session is now decided by the awesome and almighty power of the ‘Queer Wheel of Fortune’!

The Queer Wheel of Fortune

How does it work?

Each month a special guest is invited to spin the Queer Wheel (Queel?) of Fortune, whichever activity the wheel lands on will dictate what the activity will be the next round.

The different activities that make up the ‘Queer Wheel of Fortune’ are as follows:


Karaoke and lip sync challenges.

Talent Show

It’s time to shine! Whether you’re a side splitting dance Goddess, guitar virtuoso, DJ extraordinaire or simply have a weird story to tell, the talent show is the perfect opportunity to show off a

Book Club

As a collective, we will decide on a book/article or short story to read through the month for dicussion. Whichever book is pitched will make up the Queer Library of the Ewart!

What’s the News?

So, what’s gan oan in the world today? A discussion group to talk about everything new in the Queer Community.

PowerPoint Roulette

PowerPoint Roulette is an improv game where you give a presentation from a slide deck you’ve never seen. Presenters are nominated by the group.

Game Play

In this game, a series of volunteers will each give a PowerPoint presentation containing slides they have never seen, in front of a live audience. For each presentation:

  • The presenter is not allowed to see the slides before presenting.
  • The presenter must deliver each slide in succession without skipping any slides.
  • The presentation ends when all slides have been presented, or after six minute (whichever comes first).

When the presentation is over, the next player is invited to present a new unseen slide deck. Once all players have presented, it’s time to judge the round.

Skill Swap

If the roulette wheel lands on the ‘Skill’ section QC participants are invited to host a workshop/talk/discussion or any other activity to share with the group. It’s that easy!

Queer Crafts

Queerbrodiery, Zine Making, T-shirt printing, up-cycling, whatever takes over fancy!


Simples. Let’s watch a film!


At each Queer Club a member is tasked with providing a ‘Mystery’ activity for the group to do. If the pointer lands on ‘Mystery’ the nominated person will announce their activity for the group’s vote.

Learn more about Queer Club:

If you would like to attend the next session of Queer Club, visit the event page here.

As decided by the ‘Queer Wheel of Fortune’, the activity for the March ’23 edition of the group is Queeraoke!

Are you inspired by this Open Hoose group? Want to learn more about Open Hoose and find out how you can start or develop a project for the community? Check out our Open Hoose page for more information.

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