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Young Stove Member Profile: Hayley Watson


Tell us about your creative process.

Mind maps first, then lots of drawing onto photos with markers and cutting and layering papers and fabrics until I can figure out a concept that looks good and start to turn it into something tangible

What is your earliest memory?

My third birthday but actually the only thing I can remember about it was the cake. It was literally covered in every kind of sweet 3-year-olds are into and it must have been a good cake if it’s managed to stay in my memory that long above anything else from around that time

What drew you to The Stove?

Wanting to be part of something with a bigger purpose

What time of the day do you like most?

Early morning because it’s fresh and new

Would you share three words that you love?

Reduce, re-use, recycle

What’s something that you found yourself enjoying that you never thought you would?

Exercise and neutral colours

Who, from throughout history, would you like to sit and have a good chat with?

Andy Warhol because of our shared passion for sugary food and minimal answers to interview questions

Pre-Owned collection. Part of Not to Be Sold Separately – Young Stove exhibition at the Mill on the Fleet

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever got?

“You’ve got the inspiration. You just have to bat away the naysayers and keep focused. Life really is too short. No one’s around on this planet long enough to really understand fully what’s going on. With the risk of sounding too morbid, we’re all scared little kids, right through to old age, right through ’til the day we die…Imagine 80 sweets, then imagine again as many Christmases or birthdays. It’s not that many really. Take your life and run with it. It’s yours” – I had to dig through 3 years worth of Facebook messages to find that but it had a huge impact on me at the time


The Young Stove’s first collective exhibition, Not to Be Sold Seperately will open at The Stove on Friday, 11th September and feature performance, live art, installation events as part of the exhibitions opening. More details about Not to Be Sold Seperately coming shortly.

Aged 16 to 30 and interested in the arts? Find out more about the Young Stove here

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