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High Street Multiverse:

Six Opportunities for Emerging Writers Based in Dumfries & Galloway

Welcome to Dumfries High Street.

In this place, whole worlds of stories and sorrows, memories and hopes as vivid and colourful as your own, exist within each passer-by.

A multiverse, an ever-growing web of realities sprawl and spin from the smallest encounter. New futures are written and re-written all at once, each stemming from the consequences of actions so subtle, they are barely felt. But the ripple of each of our choices resonates beyond now… and alters the realities we all share.

So step inside… what story will you find?

High Street Multiverse is a digital, public art project supported by Dumfries & Galloway Unlimited. Working with 6 emerging writers from the region, this unique initiative will support writers to craft six individual audio stories to be placed within the town centre of Dumfries, through a specially designed series of QR light sculptures, the artworks will immerse listeners into new imaginative worlds, traversing time and space.

Writers will work together with the support of the Stove’s creative team through a regular series of workshops led by professional writers alongside a handful of creative sessions to shape each individual story. Emerging writers will receive one to one creative and professional guidance with a small team of professionals in the field, gaining tailored support and advice to take your writing to the next level.

Writers will receive a fee of £200 for their contribution to the project alongside professional support and guidance along with the opportunity to collaborate with others and be part of an exciting multi-arts project in the heart of Dumfries.

You don’t have to have been published and you can be of any age and experience-level to apply. We’re looking for writers who are excited to be part of this collaborative project and are willing to help create a new experience for Dumfries town centre.

Want to take your story to the street?

Who can apply?
You don’t need to have been published, you could even just be dabbling. You might be a fantasy writer, novelist, poet, or all the above. We’re looking for potential. We’re looking for writers who are excited by the prospect of working collaboratively and are willing to be part of a journey in finding their voice through the support and mentorship of the Stove and our team of professional writers.

The only thing we ask is that you are living in or can demonstrate a significant connection to Dumfries & Galloway. No upper age limit.

How to Apply
To apply please send a cover letter and supporting material to [email protected] answering:

What excites you about the project?

How would you describe yourself as a writer?

How could this project support your development?

Alongside up to three writing examples, exceeding no more than three pages per example.

Submissions closing date is the 30th of August.

Creative sessions and workshops will take place throughout September and October with works being recorded in November and December. Installation and public unveiling will be in January 2022.

Time commitment:
Coordination of workshops and creative sessions will be arranged in consultation with the successful writers. We expect writers to attend roughly 5 workshops/creative sessions, as well as one-to-one sessions with the professional writers’ team.
All applicants will be contacted with regards to the outcome within the week of the of the 6th of September.

For more information about the project please email [email protected].

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