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Meet the Creative Spaces Team

Creative Spaces is an exciting collaborative project at The Stove which offers both paid and voluntary opportunities for the under 30s in Dumfries & Galloway.

The project brings together young creatives, from different disciplines, to facilitate an annual programme of events, activities and workshops, all designed to explore and develop artistic responses to cultural issues that impact young people in Dumfries & Galloway.

In May 2022 we were joined by 4 new members to The Stove team:

Mia Osborne as our Emerging Producer, Emma Forsyth, Morgan Love and Alice Griffin as our three Associate Artists for this year’s Creative Spaces programme. You can find out a bit more about each of our new teammates here.

We asked them a few questions so you could get to know them! Here’s what they had to say…

Q) What is your practice?

Mia – “I wouldn’t say I have one singular defined practice however, my skills lie in the production and facilitation of events and community engagement work. I hope to communicate these throughout the year as CS producer in order to aid the associates with the programming and delivery of meaningful community events.”

Alice – “I studied illustration at ECA and during my final year I started screen-printing, which I totally fell in love with. I like to make prints from found objects or textures which I combine with hand drawn and photographed elements, either digitally or by hand. I like to experiment with different printmaking techniques and my work is mostly a tool for me to explore social issues and connect with others.”

Emma – “My studies and knowledge are in theatre, and I feel I am still working out my practice! I love documentary drama and finding new fun ways to engage people in their own talented community.”

Morgan – “I don’t have a creative practice per se, my interest rather lies in the development of the local region and how the creative sector can contribute to it. I am also a Business student, specialising in Marketing, and I hope to utilise and develop the skills I am gaining in my degree and apply them to the Creative Spaces programme.”

Q) Where are you from? What draws you to D&G as a young creative?

Mia – “I grew up in rural D&G in a tiny wee village called Durisdeer. After leaving the area to go off to uni and circumstantially having to return, I was instantly drawn to a lot of the creative organisations in Dumfries because of the beneficial work they were doing for the community and it’s where I found I aligned best.”

Mia – “I grew up in rural D&G in a tiny wee village called Durisdeer. After leaving the area to go off to uni and circumstantially having to return, I was instantly drawn to a lot of the creative organisations in Dumfries because of the beneficial work they were doing for the community and it’s where I found I aligned best.”

Alice – “Originally I’m from Guildford, Surrey. I moved to Edinburgh in 2015, then to Dumfries in 2021. I moved down to Dumfries to join my partner. Aside from that I was looking forward to a slower pace of life and having more outside space. I had heard of The Stove before moving down but didn’t quite realise just how creative the region is.”

Emma – “I am originally from Dalbeattie, but moved up to Glasgow to study theatre. Even though I moved to the city to find opportunities in the arts, I resonate with all the work and projects down at home. The amount of good work getting created by talented people in D&G was what drew me back down.”

Morgan – “I am local to the area – I grew up in Lochside but have spent the last few years living close to the town centre. My main attraction to D&G stems from having a large root system in the local region, and I have a great passion surrounding the development of the town to become a place that is attractive and viable for young people. I believe that creativity in the region can act as a gateway to the retention of young people and hope that our cohort of Creative Spaces can begin to engage with young creative and build a lasting impact that entices young people.”

Q) What do you like to do outside of work?

Mia – “I love spending time with my family, partner & pals, specifically my wee niece. I get so much joy from exploring the countryside and swimming or paddle boarding when weather permits me to do so!”

Alice – “Most weekends I’ll be visiting friends or family, they are scattered up and down the UK so that takes some time. I’ve got two dogs, so I like to take them on walks and there are so many beautiful beaches nearby. I like gardening, we’re watching our first lot of potatoes and onions grow in our vegetable patch which is exciting. Lastly, I love food so I spend a lot of my time cooking and baking.”

Emma – “ love to cook when I have the chance! I also love to discover new craft beers, hit me up with recommendations.”

Morgan – “When I’m not working I like to work through my to-be-read/to-be-watched list, get out in the car and visit the Lake District or the Borders, spend time with my little sister, and combat burnout by taking ridiculously long naps!”

Q) What are you hoping to get out of Creative Spaces?

Mia – “I hope to make some great connections within the team & assist them through the CS programme. I can’t wait to showcase the work that we do to a wider audience across D&G in order to inspire young creatives across the region and promote D&G as a viable option for young creatives wanting to develop their practice.”

Alice – “I’m looking forward to planning and working on some exciting projects. I’m hoping to meet a network of other young creatives in the region. Also, I’d like to learn as much as I can about marketing and how to run a creative business.”

Emma – “I hope to help at least one young person to find a creative outlet in their hometown.”

Morgan – “Beyond hoping to develop the skills and interests I am coming into the programme with, as well as discovering some new ones, I have a keen interest in engaging with the wider region, hoping to incorporate the “G” in D&G as much as possible. I also hope to foster a link with the local schools to promote CS to local young people who are looking for a future in the creative sector.”

Q) And finally, what’s your Stove Cafe order?

Mia – “It’s definitely an extra crispy bacon sandwich on chia bread & a decaf tea with oat milk or a big glass of water (because hydration is key).”

Alice – “A flat white or an iced coffee depending on how I’m feeling. Food wise, either a bacon sandwich or some form of toastie.”

Emma – “Vegan toastie, side salad or salt and vinegar crisps and coconut latte.”

Morgan – “Recently, it’s been a bacon roll and a small caramel latte.”

News Opportunities

Creative Spaces Associates

Three paid Creative Spaces Associate opportunities for young creatives* to work and learn within a dynamic arts and community organisation

Fee: £560 pcm freelance contract (equates to 8 days per month at £70 per day)

Duration: 10 months (8 days per calendar month from May 30th 2022–March 31st 2023)

Start Date: 30th May

Are you creative? Do you want to make a difference through what you do in your work? Do you like creatively solving problems and working as part of a team? If so, keep reading…

We are looking for 3 young people (18-30) who have a passion, and commitment, to building a creative career and working with communities. As a Creative Spaces Associate you will join The Stove team for a period of 10 months (May 30th 2022 – March 31st 2023) and work with us on professional arts projects as well as develop your own creative work through self-reflection, programming and production.

The Creative Spaces Associates are paid, part-time opportunities that run over a year of carefully programmed activity designed to give you active working experience across a range of skills needed for a career in the creative sector. You will work collaboratively as part of our team, who will support you at every stage and in any form of creative work you are interested in, to develop your potential. Previous Associates have benefitted from the extended network and wide range of experience from marketing to event production, workshop facilitation to film making and used their time with us as a step towards successful careers in arts, culture and/or community focused work.

Desired Experience:

  • Good communication skills
  • Relative IT skills
  • Interest and/or experience in the creative industries and community work
  • Interest and/or experience in working with other people
  • Ability to self-manage you own work flow

Person specification:

  • Adaptable
  • Engaging
  • Creative

These opportunities are open to those wishing to develop and grow a creative practice*. You do not need to define yourself as an ‘artist’ or ‘creative’ to apply for this opportunity as long as you are under 30, have an interest in working with people and communities (see About The Stove in Application Pack) and have some form of creative work you wish to develop. It does not require you to have studied and is open to those from all backgrounds and disciplines.

*We define ‘creative practice’ as anything from photography, to drawing, cookery, theatre and activism. Try us!

How to Apply

Deadline for Applications: Sunday 1st May, midnight

Please provide a CV and covering letter of no more than 500 words, identifying what interests you about this opportunity, why you feel you are suited to the role and any aspects you hope this opportunity will help you to develop.

(you can submit this written or in video format with the maximum video length being 5 mins).

Please send by email to [email protected] (max file size of 5MB) with heading Creative Spaces Associate

News Opportunities

Emerging Producer

Deadline for Applications extended to: Sunday 1st May, midnight

Emerging Producer

Part-Time: 2.5 days per week (17.5 hours)

Fixed Term 12 months

Salary: £20,000 pro-rata (equates to £10,000)

Holiday entitlement: 17 Days

Start Date: May 2022

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your skills in the creative sector?

Know how to connect with and inspire people under 30?

Are you looking to work with a community focussed team to deliver innovative projects and activities?

Then you’re in the right place…

We’re on the hunt for an Emerging Producer to join our team, primarily to support the work of the Creative Spaces (CS) project.

This is an exciting role that will work to support the Creative Spaces Associate Artists on the design and facilitation of a programme of creative activities to engage and inspire people under 30 in Dumfries & Galloway.

As part of our dynamic and award-winning team, the successful candidate will work alongside us in shaping the over-all development of our community venue programme as well as support our vision to be an innovative organisation dedicated to a community-led future for Dumfries & Galloway.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Act as the first point of contact for all enquires relating to the CS Project
  • Identify engagement opportunities for the target demographic of the CS project within Dumfries & Galloway
  • Assist with the Design and facilitation of the CS Programme of events
  • Work with the CS team to design and implement a marketing and communications strategy for the CS project 2022 (with the support of the Head of Communications and Engagement)
  • Lead the planning and delivery of messaging on the Creative Spaces social media channels (with support from the Creative Spaces Associates and Stove Marketing team)
  • Research potential partners, external organisations, groups, and community initiatives that may be of interest to the CS team
  • Support the Creative Spaces Associates with identifying networking opportunities
  • Monitor and evaluate the CS programme of activity, including event details, participation/audience numbers, demographics, etc
  • Participate in creative and programming sessions with The Stove Team to develop the community venue programme
  • Lead the commissioning of a series of 6 short films spotlighting young creatives in Dumfries & Galloway

Desired Experience:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good IT skills
  • Some experience in events and production
  • Some experience working in youth-orientated projects
  • Interest and/or experience in community development and the creative industries
  • Knowledge of the local area and existing network of connections
  • Ability to build positive relationships with colleagues, communities, and external partners

Person specification:

  • Adaptable
  • Engaging
  • Creative

How to Apply

Deadline for Applications extended to: Sunday 1st May, midnight

Please provide a CV and covering letter of no more than 500 words, identifying what interests you about this opportunity, why you feel you are suited to the role and any aspects you hope this opportunity will help you to develop.

Please send by email to [email protected] (max file size of 5MB) with heading Emerging Producer.

Remake Dumfries

A Month of Charity Shop Diving & Clothing Regeneration

February 14, 2022 @ 12:00 pm 3:00 pm

If you’ve been looking for an outlook for your creativity, look no further! We’re in need of all the budding fashionistas, under the age of 30, for our own Dumfries & Galloway twist on Project Runway. Come and rummage through the treasures of Dumfries’ High St charity shops and then spend the rest of February regenerating and reinventing the pieces into a new, community made, fashion collection. Join a collective of like-minded individuals interested in fashion, textiles and sustainability – no experience required, just a desire to get stuck in and think outside the box!!

This is a 5 session event, participants are advised to attend all sessions in the series. All session dates are listed below:


Saturday 5th February 12-3pm – CHARITY SHOP DIVE

Get a taste of what’s to come and join in with our charity shop rummage. We’ll meet at The Stove, discuss our project desires and collective #vision before hitting the shops and collecting the starting goods! What’s better than shopping I hear you ask? Shopping with someone else’s money! As a group, we’ll have a budget to spend on our starting charity shop finds, so no need to bring anything other than yourself and some excitement to get us through!


Monday 7th February 5-7pm – CREATIVE PLANNING

Here’s where the ‘real work’ starts! We’ve got four weeks to turn these charity shop garments around and reimagine something new entirely! We’ll start off this session by curating our garments and materials, drawing and planning our project outcomes and initiating textiles test ideas of potential processes. Mood boards, concept ideas, visualisations…we’ll be doing it all…


Monday 14th February 5-7pm – CREATIVE MAKING: TESTING & DEVELOPING

This week we’ll be in full making mode, developing and producing our community fashion collection through textiles and fashion upcycling processes. Sharing skills, we’ll be looking into all the different ways we can manipulate the garments we have to generate our desired outcome. Embroidery, stencil screen printing, patchwork, embellishment and maybe even some knitting (??) the possibilities are endless, and our minds are open!


Monday 21st February 5-7pm – CREATIVE MAKING: THE MEATY ONE

There’s no way round it, there’ll be lots to do and much sewing, cutting and sticking(?!) to be done to get everything ready in time. Seeing the creations come to life we’ll be making sure everything is looking runway ready in no time. Think ‘Great British Sewing Bee’ with no tears or stress but lots of laughs and creativity!



It’s all hands-on deck for the final push to get this community fashion collection off the ground! As well as finishing off the collection itself (sewing in all those pesky threads!!), we’ll be solidifying the overall project aesthetic and creating visualisations to influence a final photoshoot before all is revealed at the Creative Spaces showcase in March.

100 High Street
Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway DG1 2BJ United Kingdom
01387 252435
View Venue Website
News Opportunities


Got an Idea? Get in Touch!

Open Hoose at The Stove Cafe

Open Hoose is a unique opportunity for anyone with a community-focused idea in Dumfries to use our cafe venue space alongside the resources of the Stove team to launch self-initiated projects and events through the support of the Stove’s experience, space, and production skills.

“Open Hoose is all about growing and nourishing new enterprises, projects, or events in the heart of the High Street.”

What is it?

Open Hoose is a funded* project all about giving good ideas a chance to grow. So whether it’s a regular jam night, a bread club, banner-making group or book club, we want to offer our space, our team and our support to help launch community-based and/or cultural activity in the town, housed within the Stove Cafe. Activity can be a one-off evening or a regular slot, it’s up to you!

Think of it as ‘testing’ an idea. So if you’re not quite sure of the details yet, or even how it will all work out, that’s okay! Come talk to us, it might just be what we’re looking for.

Who can apply and what we’re looking for

This opportunity is available to anyone with a community-focused idea.

We want to hear ideas that have the potential to grow. Even if you’re not sure. Sometimes the best projects can come from even a passing thought. You may even have a project already on the go but could do with that extra bit of support.


Activity will take place between January – March 2022.

How ideas will be chosen

There are no exact hard and fast rules to the Open Hoose project, and we want to keep an open mind to new ideas that come through our door. As a community organisation, we believe no one should face barriers to participating in new experiences and creative activity.

With that in mind, we’re particularly interested in ideas that work with, for and about our diverse communities be them of interest, place, or identity.

We think of Open Hoose as a ‘testing ground’ for new ideas, from pop-ups to enterprises, new community groups or arts activity that may well eventually lead you to your next big thing.

Selections will be made against the following criteria:

  • The potential of the idea to grow and develop
  • Its potential to bring people together
  • Encourages people to try new things
  • Helps to grow the vibrancy of the town centre as a diverse, community-centred and lively place to live, learn and take part in activities

Whilst every idea will be considered, unfortunately not every project will be taken forward due to the resources, timescale and current funding available though we will ensure to provide detailed feedback in every enquiry.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from groups and individuals we haven’t yet had the chance to work with.

What the project cannot support:

  • Self – promotional and/or retail activity* (for eg: book launches, solo exhibitions, pop-up shops)
  • Private events
  • Corporate functions
  • Party Political Activity
  • Residency space* (for eg: private space for developing creative work)

All proposed activity should comply with the Stove’s values of inclusion, equality, and diversity.

Some examples of the type of activity the Stove has supported:

  • Drawing For Enjoyment
  • Doughlicious Bread Club
  • High Street Writers
  • Brave New Words
  • DoonGamers

What do you get out of it?

Dependent on needs, The Stove can offer free use of our cafe space in the evening, staffing, marketing support alongside technical and production assistance, decided on a case-by-case basis. We may be able to offer some financial contribution towards materials or other costs. We’re looking for ideas with the potential to grow, within or out-with the Stove Cafe.

Interested? Fill out the short enquiry form below!

Got a question or want to sound your idea out? Give us a bell on 01387 252435 or email [email protected]

*Funding: Scottish Government: Investing in Communities Fund

News Project Updates

Creative Spaces Presents:

A Doonhamer’s Guide To The End of The World

This November, in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland, Creative Spaces presents: A Doonhamer’s Guide To The End of The World.

This series of events runs alongside COP26, the global climate conference that brings together climate experts from around the world. Hosted this year in Glasgow, COP26 will see decisions made that will change the path of the planet and humanity in the face of climate change.

On Thursday 4th November 7pm – 9pm, the team will be opening the series with a public discussion around climate change and the planet. If you’re under 30 and passionate about the environment, or are looking to learn more about climate change and COP, come along and help fuel the conversation.

The second event in the series, on Saturday 13th November 12pm – 3pm, is an afternoon of environmental talks at the historic Caerlaverock Castle. A bus will be leaving from The Stove at 12noon, so if you’re interested in attending this event, reserve a ticket here to confirm your place. You’ll be treated to an environmentally friendly (and delicious) lunch and refreshments when you book a ticket. Warm jackets and waterproof shoes are recommended!

Ever wondered what a zine is or how they are made? For the third event the Creative Spaces Team are running a zine making workshop in The Stove cafe on Thursday 18th November from 7pm – 9pm. Come along and learn how to make your own zines, or work on a contribution for the eco-zine the team are working on together. Zines are self-published and grown from a D.I.Y. making history – come along and let your creative energy flow for the evening!

For the last event in the series, Creative Spaces in collaboration with Dumfries Women’s Sign Writing Squad, are running a protest sign making workshop. Prepare to stand up for the planet in style. Join the team in The Stove on Thursday 25th November, 7pm – 9pm, they’ll bring the paints – you bring the passion.

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