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Allanton Peace Sanctuary

Allanton Peace Sanctuary is a meeting place of the heart, bringing together people of all faiths & cultures. Located in the beautiful countryside of Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

It is the European Headquarters and Sanctuary of May Peace Prevail On Earth International which is a grassroots, global movement to inspire and re-awaken the inherent consciousness of love, peace, and harmony which exists in every one of us. The power of the affirmation May Peace Prevail On Earth lies in its capacity to bring together people of various cultures, faith traditions, and political ideals as a united global heart and mind. The Message allows us to sincerely focus on our mutual desire to serve, create, and manifest true peace on earth while transcending our differences and celebrating our common humanity. In the original Japanese version of May Peace Prevail On Earth, the character for “Earth” includes not only humankind but “Life in all Realms of Creation”. When we speak the words, May Peace Prevail on Earth we can imagine that the frequency and energy field of Love, Peace, and Harmony reaches the kingdom of plants, animals, and all of Creation including our solar system and the Universe at large.

Currently, Allanton Peace Sanctuary is closed due to COVID-19, however, people are welcome to visit the woodland walk and the Peace Pole Henge.

Peace Pole Henge

Our Peace Pole Henge consists of a double circle of 204 Peace Poles, one for every country of the world. There are many ancient stones and henges in Dumfries and Galloway, and our Peace Pole Henge is connecting with the ancient spiritual energy of the land to create a focus for future world peace.

Peace Pole Henge at Allanton Peace Sanctuary

Peace Pole Henge at Allanton Peace Sanctuary
Image Credit: Allanton Peace Sanctuary

Each Peace Pole has ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ and ‘May Peace be in … (name of country)’ written in English and the language(s) of the country. There is a pole for each of the 193 countries recognised by the United Nations. Plus some unofficially recognised nations and areas of conflict, where the people are in need of peace.

Peace Pole Henge Tour

Elizabeth Tindal from Freelance Ranger

My Business, Freelance Ranger, looks after the environment by helping people to connect with it and have fun outdoors. Freelance Ranger has been awarded a Biosphere Certification Mark for all my activities which shows my continued commitment to protecting the environment and maintaining sustainable practices. DGLife made me their Environmental Champion in 2019 with a special mention of the work I have done for the Dumfries and Galloway Environment Fair over the last 24 years.

As an independent Ranger I have the opportunity to work with many people across Dumfries and Galloway and into Ayrshire. Everything I do comes under the heading of Outdoor Learning however what I deliver on a daily basis is very diverse with hands on experiences which are a real mixture of science and art. Some days I will work with schools to engage pupils in outdoor experiences, other days I will help businesses to offer a greater range of environmental activities. I love working with community groups and events like the Nithraid Festival creating bespoke activities that are in keeping with their themes. In the winter I specialise in darkness or stargazing experiences allowing small groups and families the opportunity to go out safely and hear the stories about the science and myths associated with stars and constellations.

During the current crisis I have adapted to creating more online content. Things like videos of environmental crafting activities which people can make at home. I also developed the Virtual Dumfries and Galloway Environment Fair to replace the normal one. Hopefully I will be working with people in person again soon as I am missing seeing people enjoy their time outdoors taking part in my activities.

For more information about Freelance Ranger visit:

The Water Cycle of the River Nith

Elizabeth Tindal explaining the water cycle of the River Nith:

Water Cycle Obstacle Course

Freelancer Ranger showing us how to create your own Water Cycle Obstacle Course:

Water Cycle Obstacle Course Worksheets

Introducing. . .The Lost Chronicles of Gallovidia!

A Time Travellers Guide to Dumfries & Galloway

The Lost Chronicles of Gallovidia is a series of interactive guidebooks that bring to life the Hidden Histories of Dumfries & Galloway. We invite you to join us on a quest to uncover the ancient heart of Gallovidia! A quest to discover the events, characters, places and spaces, that hold the key to revealing the secrets of our past that lie hidden on our doorsteps and beneath our feet.

To join us on our quest, you must complete your preparations and induction by researching all there is to know about Lincluden Abbey/Collegiate Church from our Guidebook, and then working your way through the Activity Resource Pack. The Lost Chronicles of Lincluden Abbey is the first in our series of free downloadable Time Travellers Guidebooks & accompanying Activity Resource Packs targeted at time travelling history detectives… of all ages!

Lady Blanche at Lincluden Abbey

Lady Blanche at Lincluden Abbey

These self led interactive activities and adventures will help bring to life the glory days of Lincluden Abbey, in as safe a manner as possible, as the Year 2020 has seen the world hit with a global pandemic we must ensure your safety. Keep your distance from others, wear a mask, leave no trace you’ve been & wash your hands after you’ve visited!

You will be guided through these activities and experiences by our time travelling Wildlings O Galloway, some of the infamous characters who’s stories are associated with Dumfries & Galloway, or as we know it to be called: the ancient, independent kingdom of Gallovidia!

Click here to Download your Research & Reference Guidebook for Lincluden Abbey and to Download your Activity & Resource Pack for Lincluden Abbey

Brought to you by Hidden Histories of Dumfries & Galloway

Enjoy, and be safe time travellers!