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The amazing Nithraid have commissioned us to explore the fantastic location that is Kingholm Quay situated on the banks of the mighty Nith in Dumfries and Galloway, built in 1747 an integral part of the old Port of Dumfries.

We’ve put together some short films where we chat about the history and the natural history of this significant and beautiful area that sits alongside the Nith. Our short Potted History goes over the fascinating story of the area and we then explore some of the Flora to be found on the banks of the river in late August and early September.

We finish with an Art tutorial from Frank Hayes from FE, he talks about some of the basics of getting lines down with pencil on paper. A short introduction into sketching in the great outdoors and how to take some time out to explore some creativity whilst enjoying such a picturesque area, perfect for anyone of any ability who fancies a creative challenge.

Historical facts may not be entirely accurate and have been pulled from various sources. Please do not collect or dig up wild flowers as some species are protected. Do not consume any flora or fruits without checking first that it is safe and legal to do so. Some names of species of flora may not be botanically correct.

Huffy The Heron

Pupils at St Andrew’s Primary School in Dumfries created wonderful illustrations for a specially commissioned story for Nithraid Festival.

The story Huffy the Heron is centred along the beautiful river Nith and is a lesson in patience. Nip Nebs author Susi Briggs wrote the story in Scots language and was delighted to be invited to complete the commission. Susi grew up in Dumfries and has very fond memories of being fascinated by the River Nith and it’s varied wildlife.

St. Andrews Primary Gallery