The Boats

Model Boats – a film by Simon Lidwell

Model Boats on the Nith from The Stove Network on Vimeo.

Nithraid’s main attraction is the river race! Organised by artist Mark Zygadlo, the event started out as a sailboat race from Carsethorn to the Millgreen at Dumfries’s town centre where the festival village welcomes the competing crews. Since it’s beginning in 2013 the race has evolved and grown to include 3 categories Sailboats, Coastal Rowing and Miscellaneous and we have become a regular event for Scottish Coastal Rowing Association’s calendar and have single person skiffs competing in the race. The race has had to be cancelled in the last two years (2019, poor weather & 2020, Covid) but we are remaining positive and hopeful that the race will return in 2021 with all of the sign-up sheets and information for competitors shall be accessible here.

Sailing Race winner Mark Zygadlo

Sailing Race Winner 2018, Mark Zygadlo
Image Credit: Kirstin McEwan

Past Winners of the Nithraid Sailing Race

Year Boat Crew
2020 Race Cancelled (COVID Pandemic) Race Cancelled (COVID Pandemic)
2019 Race Cancelled (Poor Weather) Race Cancelled (Poor Weather)
2018 Prudence Mark Zygadlo
2017 Scottish Bluebells David and Paul Sleggs
2016 The Mayfly David Golding
2015 Blue Steven Cochrane


Local Organisations

We would like to offer a special thanks to Nith Inshore Rescue, Annan Harbour and Roy Kerr for the fantastic service they provide looking after the safety of all of those on the water.

If you want to get involved with any of the local water sports organisations, we have started to put together a list below: